He’s To Busy

So. Friday was one long ass day at work. But it finially ended. I was off to see my boy! I was so happy that I was finially getting to see him again after more then a week.

I get nearly to his house. He calls, “Hey, I’ve been slammed at work and am running a bit late, can you hold off for like 10 minutes”.. Sure not a problem he had called earlier and told me he was really busy at work and might be a bit late. So I just wait the ten minutes at a little coffee house next door to him. I walk to his place and he was just getting there… I waited another 10 minutes in his house while he changed. VERY sexy in his suit. OMG. And that ass! ::dies::

I met his roommate too, who was very nice. We headed out to dinner and got right into this sushi place. Had a great chat about work and our days and some other general stuff. I was in such a great mood. After that we headed out to the movie theater. Got there and went in, sat down. After about ten min of the movie, he grabs my hand and we hold hands for the rest of the movie, and he put his other hand on my leg and was just carassing it, so nice and caring esq.

We ended up seeing Strangers with Candy, neither of us wanted to wait in line to see Pirates. It was a very funny movie.

After the movie we drove back to his place, parked the car and then walked to TCBY.. He finially let me pay for something, so I got the deserts. Walked around the block and stuff and talked. He told me about some family drama he was having, that his Aunt and Uncle found out he was gay and that he was going to have to tell his parents before they could. It was a nice chat.

Got back to his place and we went into his room and laid down on his bed. Talked for a bit and then he turned on the TV. I leaned in and kissed him, we ended up making out for the rest of the night. He never tried to go any farther.

We also talked in there. I asked him about a few things… What he was insecure bout. Intelligence, body, sex. I don’t see why about the body, he’s got a damn fine one. 🙂 So we talked about that for a while, talked about his family some more and some other things.

I had an amazing night. “Yowzers” as he would put it. I left about midnight cause he had his outrigger thing in the morning. By the time I left though, we had talked about plans for hanging out Saturday night and also a hike on Sunday depending on when he told his parents.

He walked me out to my car and we kissed and said good night, he said to call him when I got home.  I drove home with the biggest smile I’ve had in a long fucking time.

I called him when I got here and he told me he had an amazing time and was excited for the next time we got to hang out. Said goodnight again and hung up.

Saturday… Comes, and I hadn’t heard from him by 2. I figured his thing would be over about noonish. I had done laundry all morning cause he wouldn’t let me come to the Outrigger thing in Long Beach. Said he would only be in the water for like 5 minutes. So I said that’s cool, as long as I get to see the one next weekend. Which he promised me I could.

So at 2 Austin called and wanted to do something. I send the boy a txt and ask him how the thing went and if we were still on for that night. He replies and said it went well and that he was going to take a nap.. I ask him to call me when he gets up so that I know what’s going on for sure or not.

Hung out with Austin till like 5:30ish. We had a great time. He hugged me, twice. Very odd for him.

I got home and the boy was online. I ask. “How was the nap”. He says it didn’t happen, he went bed shopping with his roommate. I ask him if he had decided if he wanted to hang out for sure tonight or not. Cause I wanted to make other plans if not.. he says: “awww… i do want to hang out with you! I have to go to a birthday dinner for my friend Marissa tonight”.

So then I ask about Sunday. Suddenly he has practice in the morning, and then the thing with his parents. Which was expected. But if he has practice in the morning, why did he EVER say yes to going hiking on Sunday.. And this birthday thing I doubt is last minute! Ugh.

Then I said that I wanted to ask him something. He said. “Phone convo”. I said I’d rather just talk on AIM cause I’d get nervous.  So then this happens:

6:15:21 PM oawww: Ok…. So far after our three dates, i’m really enjoying hanging out with you and our time together, and you totally seem like a great guy and someone i would like to continue to get to know better….. The last couple people I started going out with, i thought things were going well but then they abruptly stopped talking to me… So at this point i just want to make sure we’re both on the same page….. so basically, after these couple dates…. do you feel things continuing on, or going off into a friends only area… ?

6:22:21 PM theboy: Good question. I feel the same way, but I don’t have a lot of time this summer due to pre-planned commitments, and I don’t want to get into a situation where I dont have time for you and you get frusterated

6:26:31 PM oawww: Well, at this point, I feel that I’d like to see you as much as possible for the summer and hopefully after summer we’d have more time…. I’m a very understanding person, as long as you are open about how much time you have. I’m ok with that.

6:27:01 PM theboy: true

6:27:16 PM theboy: being open and communicating are important to me

6:27:26 PM oawww: Very true…

6:27:43 PM theboy: I have a lot on my mind right now and I didn’t really want to see you because of that

6:27:48 PM oawww: That’s why i’m asking you this now, before I get too involved into anything.

6:27:49 PM theboy: Im not that talkative right now

6:28:06 PM oawww: Yeah. I understand that… And I’m sorry to bring this up now

6:28:26 PM oawww: But since I’m not sure when I was going to see you again. I just wanted to make sure we were both on the same page about things

6:29:19 PM theboy: I’m still not ready to commit to anything just yet, since my life is already full of commitments, which would be my only disclaimer

6:32:05 PM oawww:  It’s ok… Hopefully we can continue seeing each other in the capacity we have been, and maybe once your current commitments are past we can go from there.. By then we’d both have a better understanding of how things would work…… To be completely honest, I’d have to say you’re a great guy, you’re smart, you’re funny, you’ve acted very caring… All great qualities I’m looking for.

6:36:20 PM theboy: thanks…  You are amazing …. which is why I want to be careful in my actions

6:36:29 PM theboy: dont worry about me ever not calling you back

6:36:39 PM theboy: i respect you too much for that

6:40:06 PM oawww:  Thanks… That makes me feel better.. And now that I know what to expect It’ll be ok… I hope that we can continue to figure things out through the summer and just take things slow and see what happens once your time frees up. I’ll always be looking forward to the next time we have to hang out, because i really enjoy those times.

6:53:13 PM oawww: Anyways. I’m sorry to have dumped this on you, but like I said, I just wanted to make sure we were on the same page.

7:00:42 PM theboy: no worries! ok, im going to get ready, I’ll talk to you later skater!

7:00:59 PM oawww: Ok… have a great night… and good luck tomorrow.

7:01:07 PM oawww: Give me a call if you wanna chat.

7:01:12 PM theboy: thanks, you too… I will !

So yeah. I’m a bit bummed by all this.  He’s too busy, not a big surprise. I just don’t get why boys go out on dates, when they know they are too busy, or not ready, or what not. I’m so sick of all these excuses.

I sent him a txt today asking how the b-day party was. No reply, and it’s been 4 hours.

I’m so sick of boys. I just want that damn relationship. I want to be over this search. I want to have someone who I can trust and count on to always be there. I want to have someone to come home to, and cook dinner for. Someone to sit around at night and have drinks with and lay in bed reading a books together. Someone I can make all these plans with that won’t ditch me at the last minute.

I have all these things I want to do this summer. They won’t get done with out _someone_ to go with! I just want that SOMEONE.

In other news… I went on a 20 mile bike ride this morning with this guy Jason. He was nice, but I feel friends only there already. Who knows.

Robert and Mike should be here any minute. Adios.

2 thoughts on “He’s To Busy”

  1. Yeah, but it’s just depressing. Why oh why is it that the FEW guys who do get second dates end up not liking me or having some stupid reason.

    And the thing that’s REALLY on my mind is why did he go so hard core cutsy after the second date and then suddenly stop!? It’s just annoying as hell.

    And all this is very upsetting to me. :'(

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