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Work Drama

So… last week all of the PHS people were out of the office. Some offsite thing or what not.

Yesterday, TG cornered me in the bathroom and started telling me how I should start cuting JP out of my daily work routine, how he and AO will start coming to me directly instead of going through JP, etc. He also said they are going to move me over to the Yahoo! Center building and out of the WR office. I said, ok fine, let me talk to JP when he gets back. I’m still JP’s employee, not TG’s or AO’s personal boy-toy. No big deal.

Today I come into work late (at 10) because I’ve got a date with the boy tonight here in SM and what’s the point of driving here twice in one day? Anyways, when I get in I’ve got an e-mail from the CEO saying that I have to call him as soon as I get in. So I give him a ring. Apparently TG and AO told him that I wasn’t in the office at all last week.

Excuse me? Both of those people weren’t here at all last week themselves! How would they know if I was in the office or not? And secondly, I WAS in the office all week (Except Fri when I was in NB). In fact I put in over 60 HOURS of work last week. So I reminded him that just becuse I work 6-2, that doesn’t mean my day ends at 2 when I go home. I typically end up putting in 2+ more hours once I’m at home. He said he’d straighten things out, but it just annoys me. If they thought I wasn’t in the office, why not come to me and ask? And I _really_ want to know where they got that idea from in the first place! If they’d just check the page for the project I’m currently working on they would see HUGE changes from the week before (Line count change from the previous week is about 3,400 lines).

Out internet here today is ungodly slow. It’s taken me nearly an hour to upload the 14 megs of my project!

(Private)Secondly, last night the boy was suppose to come over after his practice. He said that he’d call me after he was done to confirm, because he wasn’t sure what time he’d be done. I wasn’t too concerned, but it annoyed me when he didn’t call till 8:30 and said, “Yeah I just got out of the shower”. Hello? What happened to “I’ll call you as soon as I’m off the water?” Cause I had been waiting for him so that I could eat! Though we talked for a while after that and got plans for today all figured out. I just dunno what to feel about him. He said he was really excited for our date tonight, etc, but then he does things like not call when he says he will. He promised he’d call me at 4 today, so we’ll see what happens. (Private)


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you should be careful around those two at the office. Maybe they are trying to find a way to get rid of you?

Maybe your boy has a bad memory about calling you? Talk to him, don’t let it build up and then you explode. That’s no good.

Yeah, apparently they are out to get me! lol. Who knows. Maybe they are just mad that I leave at 2 every day when they have to stay till 6.

Yeah, I’m going to talk to him tonight about things. Find out what he wants. I also want to ask him if he feels he even has TIME for a bf.

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