LaCie Drives SUCK!

So, a little under a year ago, I bought 250Gig LaCie Porche HD Drive. The thing has been nothing but trouble. It constantly needs to be re-formatted. It doesn’t show up in the Drive list a lot of the time. It forgets it’s partitions, etc. Finially it totally just crapped out. I called the Support line, they said to mail it in. So I did. A couple days later, I receive a brand new drive in the mail. I plug it in, format it to MacOSX (Journaled) and then backed up my laptop to it. Unplugged it and sat it off to the side for the move. Got up here, plugged it in and nothing….

So I called and they said, mail it in. Again i get a brand new drive… I plug it in. Format it in FAT 32, and put some stuff on it. Unplug it. Set it off to the side for a few days. I set up my new desk yesterday. Plug the drive back in, and all it does is sits there and spins… NOTHING! So I’m going to have to get another new one! Ugh!

This weekend has been stressful and yet relaxing. Friday night I went out with Andrew. We started off on a bad foot with him yelling at me for apparently hanging up on him. And then yelling about my driving. It went down hill from there. We saw a horrible play called “Miss Firecracker Contest” at which he told me I hated everything. The night ended with us yelling at each other and then having a nice chat on the phone.

Saturday I just chilled at the beach and then at this cute street fair they are having here in RB. It was so fun! I just wish someone would have come with me. 🙁 I also saw The Lake House. It made me cry. 🙁 I love chicago

Same thing today, beach street fair.  I have a date with a really hot boy tonight too! I’m very excited about it. He seems really nice so far too. We’ve talked on the phone a bit and stuff. He’s taking me out to Houston’s and then a movie.

Lately I’ve really been wanting to just go home! I miss it so much!

Gpa’s 80th B-day tomorrow!

My parents haven’t heard from my brother since Mothers day. They are both pretty pissed. He didn’t call for Fathers day or my Mom’s B-day. My theory is that he’s dead. lol.

OH! Saturday I pretended to be straight and installed a CFGI outlet in my apartment! I now have a 3 prong plug, so I don’t have to use those stupid converters anymore!

I saw this today over at The ten worst freeway interchanges are:

  1. Los Angeles 101 at the I-405
  2. Houston I-610 at the 1-10
  3. Chicago I-90/94 at the I-290
  4. Los Angeles I-405 at the I-10
  5. Atlanta  I-75 at the I-85
  6. Washington I-495 at the I-270
  7. Los Angeles I-10 at the I-5
  8. Los Angeles I-405 at the I-605
  9. Atlanta I-285 at the 85

What have we learned? Avoid L.A. at all costs.Haha. I love that… Avoid LA at all costs! It’s so true, and so sad that I drive through the number 4 spot twice a day!


2 responses to “LaCie Drives SUCK!”

  1. shit, i remember #7 all the time driving to and from commerce casino…it’s tough to think there’s 6 worse exchanges, although i’ve been through #3 a few times, and that’s terrible as well.

  2. Yeah. I’ve had to drive through all the LA ones and the Chicago one.. I can agree that they are all horrible! I drive through #8 a few times a week as well. Damn traffic!

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