Weekend in SD!

Woot. Really fun weekend. Like I said we spent the weekend in San Diego.

Saturday night we went out to this bar, well a couple barss really. They were both really fun, and HUGE! All the boys that i saw that were cute had Bfs though. 🙁 Joel found a cutie, but he kept him for himself. haha. There was a REALLY hot white shirt boy, but he was with this guy who looked like his bf… Found out the next night that it wasn’t his BF, but that he does _have_ a bf. :'(

Sunday we drove around and checked out San Diego. As I said, it was just relaly fun and laid back. 🙂

Although, I need something stronger then just drinking to diminish my  shyness.

I’m really excited to hear back from the Landlord! I can’t wait any longer.

I wish people would tell you the real reason they were breaking up with you, this whole. “you’re a fantastic guy… but…” shit really annoys me. Just tell me what’s wrong with me.

4 responses to “Weekend in SD!”

  1. Ugh, all the good seeming ones have problems… Or something is wrong, cause they don’t want to date me!

  2. I know what you mean with the shyness thing. When I go to the gay bars and see someone I would like to go up too, I am too scared that I may be rejected. My friends will keep bugging me to go but I have to be really, really drunk before I go and by then I cannot talk straight.

  3. Yeah, same here!

    I’ve been obsessing over Green Shirt boy forever, but I’m always too shy to go talk to him. 🙁

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