Memorial Day.. So Far!

Ok, so Friday, the day was horrible for me.

First, the apartment was re-listed online for $100 a month more then I want to pay. Ugh. Second, and more distressing…. Dustin broke up with me.

[private] Hey,

Just wanted to chat with you a bit sometime soon. Just really wanted to let you know that I think one of the things that has been getting me down a bit lately is just how soon I started dating again. I dont think I was ready for it and I have felt really bad lately because when I date someone I want to give them my all and hang out with them a lot and the whole bit. Right now I just need some time to myself and to just hang out with friends and get myself to relax and calm down and get my work stuff situated. I think you are a fantastic guy whos really laid back and has his shit together, which is very rare these days. You guys are just a blast to hang out with and just like our friday night trips to the boom and such help me out a lot.

Me feeling this way has nothing to do with you at all, I just wanted to make sure you knew. I cant give you what I would like to and I dont want to hurt you. If you all still want to just hang out and be friends, you are the type of people I like to associate myself with and all. If you dont, that is just my fault for waiting too long to talk to you.

I know I should have talked to you about this in person but I knew I was going to be playing shoeffer all weekend for my friend and I wanted to be honest and not leave you hanging.

Anyhow write me back. I hope you are having a good day at work!  [/private]

Honestly, it made me quite sad. I was really looking forward to having someone good. Alas, he’s not ready. I hope that when the time comes, if I’ve not moved onto someone else, he’ll still be there. I really do like him…

I left work after getting that, I was too distraught to get anything else done.

I did get ahold of the apartment guy though and he said that he’s running my credit this weekend. So there should be no reason why I won’t get it. I should know by Tuesday.

We all went out to the Boom Friday night, Andrew made out with three randoms, including green shirt boy. 🙁 After that we all went over to these two guys hotel room, and stayed till like 4am. I didn’t get to bed till 5.

Today I came down to SD with Joel and Ryan. Right now we are waiting for these whores to get out of the hot tub so we can go use it before heading out for the night.


2 thoughts on “Memorial Day.. So Far!”

  1. Good luck on the apt.

    Are you going to still hang out with Dustin? It sounds like he really needs some good quality friends like you. And who knows, maybe it might workout in the long run for you.

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