LB Pride!

Wow. I haven’t updated since Wed, and so much has happened! I honestly only spent like 8 hours in my apartment since Wed night. lol.

Lets see, Thursday I worked in SM. Had to carpool up there with this guy, so it wasn’t so bad. Got home and packed up some clothes and went over to Dustin’s. We hung out at the hot tub, and had a glass of wine and just chatted. He also smoked three cigs.. I highly disapproved. WE got to bed shortly after midnight and I got up at 5 and went to work. Worked till 9:30 when Robert got here and then we spent the day in LA area looking at apartments. The FIRST one we found was amazing. But the manager WOULD NOT answer his phone. So we kept looking. The manager called me back at 5:30ish and said that I had to call the tenant to schedule a time to see the apartment. So I did called him and he didn’t answer his phone either, eventually he finially called me back, but said that he was out of town till sunday. So I scheduled a time on Sunday to view it.

All the other places we found were trash. Well, except for one, but it wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. So yeah. We didn’t get back to OC till late friday night. I showered and then went over to Joel&Ryan’s. We hung out and drank some and there was a little drama there, but we all went out to the Boom about 11 and met up with Dustin and some of his friends.

Dustin did the wet undies contest and won 2nd place. There was some really stiff competition this time! Green shirt boy did it. Yumyum!

Left there and we all walked down to Jack, had some food and then Joel and I rode home with Dustin, cause Ryan had to go to LA. Got to dustin’s and hung out a while and then went to bed.

Saturday we got up and drove Joel back to his place and then Dustin dropped me off at mine. I slept for a while and then went over to Andrew’s. WE hung out there, and went and saw The Da Vinci Code. I thought it was pretty good. But Tom Hanks sucked.

Sunday we lots of fun. Andrew and I got up about 9 and headed to Long Beach. Met up with Robert and Benj and watched the parade. Jon and Austin showed up in there somewhere as well, and we all hung out.

I got pretty pissy though, probably both because of a lack of sleep, and also because NO ONE would make up their mind about what they wanted to do! And when I suggested stuff no one would listen!

Eventually Andrew and I left the group about 2ish and were walking around when this group of people started yelling at us from a balcony, so we went up and joined that party. Andrew made out with the guy hosting it (I think his name was kevin). lol. We hung out there till 4 when we left to go look at that apartment.

Got to Redondo and found some food. As I was feeding the meter, I brushed up against this bike, which promoptly attacked me! It gouged it’s gears into my toes… it hurt like a mo-fo and then it started bleeding like a mo-fo. My sandle is covered in blood.

Got home latish sunday night and tried to stay up for the simpsons, but ended up falling asleep. woke up with the rain and then moved to the bed room, listened to the rain and had a crazy horrible dream where this zombie was trying to kill me.

Today I have a horrible cold and am very sore! Getting out of my car, I had to stop and lean up against it for a while, because I felt like I was going to pass out.

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  1. aww, u poor thing. i hope you’re feeling better! and i hope those toes are all healed.

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