Today’s commute = 3.5 hours… Total time in my car today: 6.5 hours. Total Miles driven = 145.

I took me 2.5 hours to get from SM back to AV today. It only took me an hour this morning to get from AV up to SM. This is insane, fucking LA traffic! Stupid drivers! I’m carpooling tomorrow with someone, thank god! I’m hoping I can get an apartment close enough to work that I can walk/bike or get a scooter.. Go Vespa!

Looked at 10 places today. Only 3 of them are worth considering. 2 of them don’t have any parking (Street only) and the last one is a small studio for $1300.. Way too much. Lots of stuff is coming avaliable in Westwood (omg, hot boys!)

I got news today. I _AM_ for 100% sure moving to Santa Monica. But not in the capacity I wanted/was hoping for. The idiot PM gave the job to some one else. (Apparently a bad move acording to my sources). They purchased me a new computer today, to satisfy my annoyance. And also guaranteed a pay increase equivalent to cost of living increase. I just have to call and OK the cost of living before signing the lease. I’m going to schedule a meeting with the CEO/VP’s early Friday morning to discuss my role in the company. As I’ve got a feeling it’s not really thought out too well, and I want to be sure there’s a place for me before making this move. Altough the VP’s have both expressed high regard for my work, it just feels like they aren’t sure where to place me long term.

I really want a roommate. Someone, anyone?! Robert and I are spending the whole day Friday up in SM/WeHo/Valley. I will sign a lease that day. I hope… ::crosses fingers::

I’ve been getting a feeling that Dustin is avoiding me… though he did call today to confirm we were still on for Friday. So I guess that’s a good sign.


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