10 Days!

Ugh! 10 days till move date, and I still don’t have a place to live… OR EVEN KNOW WHERE I AM MOVING TOO!

Someone, shoot me?

2 thoughts on “10 Days!”

  1. I would demand to know where my job is going to be, letting whoever know that your lease is up and you need to be out by a certain date.

    If your bosses can’t give you that info, contact your landlord to ask about a month to month thing, explaining the whole job thing.

  2. Well it’s not really my bosses that are causing the problem, it’s the PM at PHS that is, and we really don’t have any control over them. So yeah, but as you can see from the latest post, it’s a non-issue now.

    And yeah, my apartments are bastards. I’m past the grace period to change my moveout date, so they won’t let me change it. Ugh!


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