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Long Beach… Part 2

Today I find out where I’m living. Hopefully….

Yesterday was pretty good. After work I went up to Long Beach and hung out with Austin. We looked at aprtments. Found this one amazing place! 3 bedroom, right by the ocean, it was SO NICE! $2,500. If I could only find ONE roommate, I’d totally get the place! Grrrr. Found a few other semi-good places. Most of them were 2 bedrooms though. Which was annoying. Ugh.

I did have a good time hanging out with him again. However I totally picked out his annoying qualities again. Mostly the fact that he’s so impatient. Like he would keep yelling at me because I wasn’t dialing the phone numbers fast enough, etc.

Got home about 5:30, watched a little TV and was crashed by 7:30. I dunno why I’m so tired!

And that’s it really! Adios!

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