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Private: Not Proud.

So. Saturday night, we didn’t just go to bed… We all had a threesome. Joel, Dustin and I.

I’m really not proud of it, but it was good/fun. Joel fucked me. I think he may have fucked Dustin as well, but I’m not sure? And Dustin can’t remeber. He was pretty drunk.

I really did not approve of this happening, but I was way to drunk at the time to stop it. I tried not to really do anything with Joel, but at one point he jumped over from beside Dustin to behind me, and before I knew it, his cock was up my ass.

I mainly just made out with Dustin a lot and gave him a hand job. I think at one poine I passed out for a while. SO I’m not really sure what happened in there.

Over all, it lasted like 3 hours though. I just hope this doesn’t make things wierd between us all.

I feel so dirty.

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