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A Day In SM

Well, today isn’t starting off that great. So I get up at 5 this morning and dress and all that, drive my ass up here to SM and get here at 6:10. Ring the door bell, and no one answers. Last time I was here, there was this woman who said, “I’m here at 5:30 every morning, so no worries”. So I ring it again and then again. Nothing… So I walk across the street and get some breakfast and then come back. Ring it again, and then again! STILL NOTHING. So I sit and wait….. 7 rolls around and this woman finially comes and opens the door, she lets me in… We’re walking back and in the SECOND FUCKING office back is this guy just sitting there working… HELLO! He could have heard the damn door bell from where he was at, why didn’t he just fucking come open the damn door. God how annoying.

Last night I went and played tennis with Ryan at 3:30. We played for like an hour, then I came home and ironed my shirts and then fell asleep…. Woke up about 9:10ish and txted Dustin and then crawled in bed and slept till 5 this morning. I did wake up a few time sin there. Ugh.

For some reason I don’t have access to a printer up here.. Very annoying.

Tonight is the BBQ with everyone, that’ll be fun. Hopefully I’ll find some good apartments today as well! Wish me luck everyone.


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