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They are so rude, and stupid.

I drove around yesterday for 3 hours, calling every sign I saw that had For Rent… Lying scum is what they all are!

Some of them were like, “We don’t have any more”… Then WHY NOT TAKE DOWN THE DAMN SIGN.

Some of them were just stupid, and had ZERO information about the place! IF YOU want to rent it you have to have SOME INFORMATION.

MOST however, had a cheery little message saying, “If you’re interested in an apartment leave a message and we will call you back”. How many call backs did I get?!

That’s right ZERO!!!!! And most of these there was NO WAY to get a human to start with! God this is so horrible.

Why can’t I just hire someone to go out and pre-screen all these places and then bring me the best of them! I should start a company like that.

I just want someone to drive me around and say, “Here’s the top 5” or something like that!


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We have places like that here. That’s how I found my current place (how sad is that.. that this was the best). They were free even! Perhaps you can find something there that does that?

I googled for apartment finding services in Chicago. It took awhile but I eventually found 3 of them that worked in the suburbs. So you could probably google search for services in LA and if you find any, call and ask them if they service Santa Monica as well.

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