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A Day Without Immigrants…

On the fucking roads!

Warning: Extremely racist comments following:

Sooo. Yesterday, I traveled from Aliso to Anahiem in 20 minutes… DURING RUSH HOUR! Normally during this time, the 5 basically comes to a STOP starting at Jamboree, yesterday, however, it was clear all the way till I got PAST the 55. This is a HUGE thing. I say it’s because all the immigrants weren’t on the roads. haha. I’m sorry, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about, seriously these people are here illegally, thus they should be treated as such. In my opinion they already get WAY too much out of our tax dollars.

Ok, so yesterday was pretty good. Did random work, and spent a lot of time looking for apartments. Things there are really stressing me out. I’ll be spending Wed, Thur, Fri up in Santa Monica looking for places. Hopefully I can find SOMETHING. I’m really starting to think I might have to rid myself of the cats as well, it’s so HARD to find places that accept them up in LA. Why do landlords HATE pets so much?! I don’t understand. 🙁 They just get MORE MONEY out of you for them!

Spent last night with Dustin, met up with him at 6 and went and got food and then watched The Majestic with Jim Carrey. He was actually pretty good in it too, which was surprising. I went home about 10ish. I was doing a little over 85 on the way back home and this motorcycle guy went FLYING past me, he had to have been doing 95+. Then like a 10 seconds later this moto-cop went flying past me as well with his lights and shit on. I wonder what a ticket for 30 over costs?

Anyways, today is more of the same. Apartment hunting, stressing and all that shit. Ugh!


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I agree with you on the immigrant thing. If we protested like they are doing in our states in their country, they would most surely kick us out. Maybe they should all go to Iran and start over over there. See how long they would last there. I know thats kind of mean, but they should not get what they are asking for.

A ticket over 30 mph here cost around $60 ro $70. What was the speed limit on that road?

Exactly… If I were the cops, I woulda gone in and rounded up all the people in those protests without papers and deported thier asses. They should NOT be allowed to get drivers licenses, they should not be allowed FREE healthcare unless they are dying, etc, etc. And someone was telling me the other day of people trying to get “assistance” stops in the fucking desert along the border crossing! WTF?!?! Wait in line people.

The speed limit was 65… I thought Iowa had some deal where they made speeding insanley expensive when they increased it to 70?

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