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I Want Pie!

Hmm, so yesterday was really excellent.

I’ve decided that instead of always saying “Hola”, etc. I’m going to start saying “bonjour” and “bonsoir”. Maybe. Perhaps I should go German, though that’s a lot harder to spell.

Either way. Got off work last night and wasn’t really going to do my bike ride, but ended up doing it anyways. I carried my bike for like a mile up this really steap hill and my back hurts now. 🙁

After that came home and just lounged around. Met up with Robert and Jon and we all went out to Chili’s for dinner. It was very entertaining. Talked about lots of random stuff.

Once we were done there we dropped Jon off at his house again so he could go get Joel and then come back to my place. Robert and I ran a few errands and then met up with Jon and Joel at my place… I was very embarrassed about that though, A) because I haven’t cleaned in forever and my place is a pig sty and B) because there were condoms and lube sitting out in plain site that I had completely forgotten about!

I’m never going to live that one down!

Headed out to the Boom and just had a really great time there. At some point I said that if I had a dollar I’d tip the dancer, so Joel pulls out a dollar and starts shoving it down my pants… And then I took it and shoved it back in his pocket cause I really wasn’t going to tip the waiter and then he shoved it down my pants again and it got lost.. Eventually it fell out and I shoved it back down Joel’s pants… I think the dollar eventually ended up down Jon’s pants… That’s one SLUTTY dollar! lol

I also ended up in the middle of Joel and Jon’s dancing crazyness for about 2 seconds and then I skidaddled out of there. I had a lot to drink, but I wasn’t really that drunk. I’ve been holding my alcohol pretty well lately.

The wet underwear contest REALLY was NOT that good.. It was sad to tell you the truth. But whatever. The company made up for it. Oh, and green shirt boy was there again.. in the SAME outfit as he was last weekend! Um, hello!? You don’t do that shit!

blah blah blah… 😛

Anyways, Robert, Than, Mike and I are all off to go hiking. So bonsoir!

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