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MySpace… Stupid.

I’m getting really fed up with the idiots that run myspace…

First of all, choosing Cfx to run as the backend to start was just an idiotic choice. Where did Tom get the money to purchase those sort of licenses anyways, that shit isn’t cheap! But it’s slow and retarted programing language which horribly limits you.

Second, the fact that they are constantly rolling out changes to the page which will break things, is not a good business practice! Hello, have you heard of QA? And the fact that one is constantly getting error messages saying that a users profile is down for maintenence, or that bulletins or the blog is down for maint is just stupid. What are they running back there which is causing these down times? Hello, have you heard of maint windows?!

Third, the idiots who USE myspace are getting on my nerves lately. For some reason I’ve been getting TONS of underage kids IMing me, and they all use CAPS IN EVERYTHING and they say that it’s stupid to take it off.. These people are blocked by me. 🙂 But god, get a life, there’s tons of people your own AGE to deal with!

Forth, Myspace seems to cause Safari to go crazy if you leave it open for long amounts of time. All the flash ads, etc, cause Safari to eat up tons of RAM and to use a large CPU % even when in the background.

Fifth, it seems like Myspace will soon be moving to an ASP server style.. Again, not the smartest choice I would say, but again, they are now a corp pawn.

Lastly, is TOM actually doing anything about the Spam problems on myspace? It seems to only be getting worse!

I’m out.

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I hate ads. This is why I use Firefox with Adblocker.

But I don’t use MySpace. It’s too… fad-ish for me. 🙂

The point of my post was AdBlock rocks!

I hate ads too, but I tend to not block them.. They aren’t really that big of an issue for me on most sites. It’s the pop-ups that I hate, and I DO block those.

But for some reason it just seems like whatever code myspace is using to refresh all the ads they have is just eating up memory left and right. I’ve seen Safari use up to 500 Megs of RAM and up to 1.6 gigs of Virtual Memory! There is NO REASON that a browser should be using that much memory.

It could also be that Safari has a memory leak, but you’d think that there would be more outrage about something like that.


It’s probably bad code in the flash ads. With the constant refreshing, if the previous ads aren’t accurately doing memory releases when they close, it just accumulates.

Pointers and all that coding junk. Pointers suck.

Pointers let you do LOTS of neat stuff with unmanaged languages that don’t always have the syntactic sugar of some managed languages. One example is a delegate. Delegates exist in C, but only as function (void-star) pointers. Pointers also let you build trees in C, and we all know that Beth and I feel the same about trees. Hooray! for trees!

If Cfx is Cold Fusion, it’s really not that limiting of a language. Some stuff is harder to do in Cold Fusion than other languages, but I would say that the same is true the other way around. Cold Fusion pages are actually compiled to Java bytecode the first time that they are visited and then JRun takes care of the rest. If left unchanged, they are not continuously recompiled so they are faster the second time. I believe that JSP is similar.

ASP is no better/worse, either.

Actually in some ways ASP.NET has advantages that you can work with other .NET assemblies within your web pages! Remember, .NET assemblies can be written in any language that is convenient and accessed by all other .NET languages. PHP has experimental support for .NET assemblies as well.

That’s my take on programming languages for the day!

Yeah Yeah Julian! I know, Pointers do have thier places and the like.. Just that I don’t think Bennett ever really explained them well, and thus I hate them! haha.

It is currently using coldfusion, and it’s slow as hell! I’ve worked with coldfusion a bit here and there and I’ve always had problems with it being slow, even on fast machines! There are some neat things you can do with it very quickly, but overall I think it’s a pretty limiting language. I’d much rather work with PHP any day.

I think that ASP.NET is an advantage over the Coldfusion, I just think that they could have gone with something even better.

That’s my take. 🙂 haha.


Bennett didn’t explain pointers well at all. He tried, bless him, but it was confusing.

I’ve never had trouble with Cold Fusion and speed. The only things I haven’t been able to do with it are barcode generation, which there is a Java library for. Unfortunately, I can’t get our server to work with the library. However, I got it implemented another way. I’ve found that I can do just about anything, but the learning how to accomplish such tasks was difficult. Plus, development model can play a large role. Still, my preferred language is PHP; though, no language is right for all purposes.

Eh, perhaps it’s just the programming of the applications that we have then. I know the ones that I’ve written haven’t been that great at the SQL optimization. But the others are just horribly slow.. And were supposedly written by full time programmers. Who knows.

I do know that once we moved our Oracle server from an old V100 with 512 megs of RAM to a new Dual Core intel boxes running linux, the speed increased tons.. But it’s still really slow.

I just think that for what we’re doing with it, PHP would have been the better choice.

And for what MYSPACE is doing with it ANYTHING would have been a better choice!

Plus I just think it’s stupid they are such a M$ shop… But that’s a WHOLE nother topic! 🙂

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