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Private: 9 Calls

So I’ve been leaving Austin alone… Just waiting to see what he does…

Yesterday, he called me 9 times. And asked me out to lunch. Granted, I found out once we were AT lunch that he only called me because Orlando didn’t call. But it’s better then nothing! When he was complaining about that, I wanted to just be like. “Damnit, Austin, there’s someone IN THE CAR who would treat you better then that. Because it’s what you deserve!”

If he had called me while I was eating dinner, I would have talked to him. If he had asked me to call him to plan lunch. I would have done it. And all the other things that he’s been complaining about so far. Gah, I REALLY hope this he doesn’t get in a relationship with this guy, because that’ll just be hell for me. Clearly I’m so much better.

It made me feel good though that he called me so many times, mostly to just chat about random stuff. We’ll see how today goes.


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