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Private: Makes It Better…

I got a message from Austin last night that made me feel a bit better….

8:38:42 PM miklaustin: whats up hows your night going

Austin came back (8:38:43 PM)

8:38:55 PM blackc2004: it’s going good… my mythbox hates me

8:38:58 PM blackc2004: how about your night?

8:39:06 PM miklaustin: eh its okay

8:39:16 PM blackc2004: what’ve you been up too?

8:39:45 PM miklaustin: spending too much time dwelling on certain things

8:39:57 PM blackc2004: Oh?

8:40:44 PM blackc2004: What’s that?

8:41:23 PM miklaustin: things u dont wanna hear about

8:41:28 PM blackc2004: Why not?

8:41:35 PM miklaustin: regarding orlando

8:41:44 PM blackc2004: Well talk to me, I want to be your friend

8:41:52 PM miklaustin: hes not calling me bacck

8:41:58 PM miklaustin: i’m pretty sure hes over me

8:42:16 PM blackc2004: Aw. that sucks… I’m sorry… What happened on your dates, were they good?

8:42:18 PM miklaustin: and its a bit depressing

8:42:31 PM miklaustin: i’m having trouble getting it off my mind

8:42:38 PM blackc2004: I hear you there.

8:42:54 PM blackc2004: Like everyone’s been telling me, you’ll get over it.

8:43:08 PM blackc2004: Maybe he’s just busy

8:43:55 PM miklaustin: yeah i dont knwo

8:44:07 PM blackc2004: When was the last time you talked to him?

8:44:52 PM miklaustin: i called him

8:44:54 PM miklaustin: tonight

8:45:03 PM miklaustin: he was eating dinner and would call me back

8:45:08 PM blackc2004: When was that?

8:45:14 PM miklaustin: 45min

8:45:22 PM blackc2004: Well maybehe’s still eating dinner

8:46:09 PM miklaustin: hu huh

8:46:49 PM blackc2004: Some people eat slow… But how’d the dates this weekend go, was everything good… Did you talk to him sunday?

8:47:14 PM miklaustin: no

8:47:26 PM blackc2004: Satutday?

8:47:36 PM miklaustin: god i dont know ok

8:47:55 PM blackc2004: I’m just trying to help here Austin.. You said you were worried, I’m trying to get an idea of the situation!

8:48:39 PM blackc2004: Well just see if he calls you back tonight… Maybe he got busy with something after dinner

8:48:52 PM blackc2004: Don’t worry about it so much, he hasn’t said anything negative has he?

8:48:57 PM miklaustin: no

8:49:16 PM blackc2004: Well then I’m sure you’re just over analyzing it like you do everything else.

8:49:33 PM miklaustin: uh huh thanks chris

8:50:03 PM blackc2004: I’m just telling it how itis.. You’re always worried you’re not doing something right, when I bet you’re doing a perfect job.

8:50:41 PM blackc2004: Just give it time.

8:52:13 PM miklaustin:

8:52:15 PM miklaustin: gross chris.

8:52:29 PM blackc2004: lol, let’s not talk about that again

8:54:04 PM blackc2004: I installed my new PVR-150 in my myth box today

8:54:08 PM miklaustin: kewl

8:54:18 PM blackc2004: and now it won’t connect to the internet… for some reason it thinks it can support ipv6

8:54:23 PM blackc2004: and I don’t know how to turn that off

8:54:28 PM miklaustin: ew

8:54:41 PM blackc2004: And since it can’t connect to the internet, it can’t start mysql, which means it can’t start myth!

8:54:48 PM blackc2004: I think I’m just going to reinstall it all together

8:54:51 PM miklaustin: sounds like a mess

8:54:52 PM miklaustin: yeah

8:55:06 PM blackc2004: Yeah, it is a mess… Nile’s been sitting here trying to help me fix it, but we can’t get it

8:55:20 PM miklaustin: ah nice

8:55:23 PM miklaustin: good luck

8:55:32 PM blackc2004: Eh, I’ve given up, and he’s watching TV now

8:56:06 PM miklaustin: kewl

8:56:09 PM miklaustin: ok i’m gonna go

8:56:09 PM miklaustin: ttyl

8:56:12 PM blackc2004: Oh.ok

Austin went away (8:56:14 PM)

Away Message: I am away from my computer right now. (8:56:14 PM)

8:56:15 PM blackc2004: have a good night

8:56:16 PM miklaustin (Autoreply): I am away from my computer right now.

Austin came back (9:03:16 PM)

Austin went idle (9:13:18 PM)

Austin became active (9:15:11 PM)

9:18:41 PM miklaustin: hey :

9:18:41 PM blackc2004 (Autoreply): I’m in bed… Call my cell if you need me.

9:18:48 PM blackc2004: hey

9:18:59 PM miklaustin: i reallllly hate this

9:19:04 PM miklaustin: this is why i don’t like people

9:19:18 PM blackc2004: I’m sorry… I know how you feel

9:19:50 PM blackc2004: Just don’t stress about it.. the night is still young

9:20:06 PM miklaustin: i have to be in long beach at 7, and then again at 5

9:20:11 PM miklaustin: i dont know what to do all day

9:20:29 PM blackc2004: Aww that sucks… Can you find things to do up in Long Beach for the day?

9:20:42 PM blackc2004: Take your laptop up there and just hang out at the hotel or something?

9:21:00 PM blackc2004: Play sim city or watch movies or something

9:21:15 PM miklaustin: lol for like 6 hours?!

9:21:22 PM miklaustin: i could watch like 3 movies hahaha

9:21:40 PM blackc2004: Yeah, well you could go to a book store or something and read for a while too

9:21:42 PM blackc2004: break things up

9:22:05 PM miklaustin: hmmm yeah i dunno

9:22:33 PM blackc2004: I bet you could keep busy up there

9:22:37 PM blackc2004: Maybe go apartment hunting?

9:22:48 PM miklaustin: omg i have a voucemail

9:22:54 PM miklaustin: apt hunting:??? yeah maybe

9:23:15 PM blackc2004: Is it him?

9:23:19 PM miklaustin: i dunno

9:23:22 PM miklaustin: i have to go heck it

9:23:24 PM miklaustin: ch

9:23:34 PM blackc2004: ok

Austin went away (9:25:04 PM)

Austin came back (9:25:05 PM)

9:30:07 PM blackc2004: let me know yay or nay.. I’ve got to take nile home… back in like 10 minutes.

Austin went idle (9:35:51 PM)

9:43:20 PM blackc2004: i take it from your idleness that it must have been him

9:43:21 PM miklaustin (Autoreply): Whoops.. looks like i wandered off….

9:43:35 PM blackc2004: so i guess i’ll talk to you tomorrow i’m going to bed

9:43:36 PM blackc2004: night

Austin became active (10:01:15 PM)

10:01:43 PM miklaustin: sorry

10:01:44 PM blackc2004 (Autoreply): I’m in bed… Call my cell if you need me.

10:01:47 PM miklaustin: it was him

Sadly… It just makes me feel better hoping that Orlando ends up hating him. One can only hope. Though the fact that he did call makes me upset again.

I just wanted to say during that convo that… “If you called me, I would have stopped eating and talked to you.”

It just upsets me too that after 2 dates with this guy Austin’s so all over him.. What makes him so much better then me? :'(

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