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I just got this from Beak:

Just caught up reading your blog today. Want me to come out and smack Austin? If he’s so stupid he can’t see a good thing when he hasn’t then he just doesn’t deserve you. Someday you’ll find someone who thinks you’re the coolest thing since sliced bread-doesn’t suck that you have to go through all the all others to get there? I wish people came with a soul mate tattoo that would light up when you were around “the one.”

Haha, I love her! It’s so true though, I wish we all came with soul mate tattoos. (or maybe homing beacons would be better, that way you can search them out better) Damnit. Julian also IMed me today, which made me happy. It’s good to know that there are people back there who care about me. I wish they were all closer. I tried talking to JP yesterday, but he was very busy. He’ll be gone today, so it’ll be Wed before I can talk to him again.

So has everyone heard of the Real Life Simpsons opening? Did you know it was ACTUALLY made by Fox? How crazy is that?!

I also love this posted by Carl on myspace:

Oh my God! Tom is pissed. He e-mailed me and said he’s gonna start a virus that will blow up all the computers that use MySpace unless this gets posted like 14 million times before next Thursday. You have to copy this and post it in a new bulletin in the next 18 seconds or it doesn’t count! OMG I don’t want my computer to blow up!

Haha, it’s so funny!

My MythBox is being a fucking whore bitch. I installed the new PVR-150 in her yesterday to try and make her happy, but she apparently doesn’t like it one bit. For some reason she now thinks she supports ipv6, and thus mysql won’t start up thus causing mythbackend to not startup thus causing mythfrontend to not start up! Damnit!

I’ve googled my ass off trying to find a way to disable ipv6 in knopp, but I can’t find it! Anyone have suggestions?!

If I can’t find anything today I’m just going to reinstall her.. She does need an upgrade anyways, I think I’m like 3 or 4 versions behind.

I did end up hanging out with Nile last night. Things went well.

I downloaded this thing called Saft a while ago. It’s amazing. I love it! If you use Safari, you should go download it right now! I know it’s not free, but I think it’s worth the money.

But now I must get back to what I’m doing. Adios!

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