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If I Could be

If I could be a tree I would

provide shade for all mankind.

If I could be the sea I would

be calm for all to travel.

If I could be the sun I would

provide warmth for all living things.

If I could be the wind I would

be a cool breeze on a hot summer day.

If I could be the rain I would

keep the earth fertile.

But, to be any one of these things would be to miss out on all the rest. And this is why, if I could be anything I would be nothing more then me.

— Ken Krik.

If only I could feel that way too….

If only I felt like I was worth being around and felt like I had something to add to my friendships. Maybe I wouldn’t push them away.

Maybe I wouldn’t.

Maybe things would be better.

I’m only asking for help.

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