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Save the Rain Forest…Shave your ass

Sooo far so crazy.

So I lost my iTunes Library 7,000 songs… Working on getting that back now from an archive in Sept. Blah.

Back up your computers people!

Had a date last night with this really hot guy. I’d have to say he’s out of my leauge.. He’s been asking me to go out with him for a long time, but at first he just wanted a hookup. So I said no… Then he was like, “I just wanna hang out with you”.. But I still said no, because I assumed he just wanted to hookup after the hanging out.

But last night I finially just said ok and we went to see Walk The LIne. it was a pretty good movie, really made me want to dance… I enjoyed the music.

After that went out to the Boom with Austin. Of course drama ensued.

Going to see Ginny today! I’m so fucking excited!

I had more to say here, but now I’m not in the mood.


Edit:// At the boom, my ass was grabbed like 3 or 4 times by random men. It was so dirty.

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