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Ginny’s Here!!


OMG, Ginny is here! I’m so happy and excited! 😀

So… Yesterday was very dramatic. I got up from Austin’s about 10 and the first thing he said was asking if the guy he made out with was hot or not. Very annoying.

So I left there and came home. Sat around and cleaned and did other random stuff.

Called him at like 1 to find out if he was going or not, and he said that he wasn’t in the mood to anymore. So I got really pissed at him for constantly cancelling things on me. And basically told him that things were over with and I didn’t want to be friends with him anymore.

I hung up on him.. He called back and said he didn’t want that, that he wanted to be friends with me and he talked me into letting him go again. Honestly I would have been way more pissed if he hadn’t come with.

So we made plans to meet at my place at 6. I went to bed and napped from 3-5:30 and then at 6 he calls and says, “So what time are we meeting?”

OMG! He’s done this so many times before. I was so fucking pissed! Gah, so I yelled at him some more and then he said he’d be here by 7. He shows up and we drive up to LA.

Big fights in the car, but I think a lot got out. He promised to be more understanding of my feelings and stuff. So I guess that was good.

Got to LA and I was so happy to see ginny finially! So we get her and go out to dinner in Santa Monica. We had a really good time. I was happy about that.

Then from there it was off to The Abbey. Got there and the place was SO FuCKING packed! It was crazy. But we all had fun. So that’s what matters. 😀

Went back to the hotel about 1 and hung out. Austin and I had a really good talk in bed. I was happy that he opened up to me like that… He said that he was sad and that he didn’t feel good about himself. We talked till ike 3:30 in the morning and stuff. And then cuddled all night.

I just wish he would admit that he’s got something for me, more then just friends. I know it’s there.

He asked me in during the talk, he said.. “Don’t ever leave me please.” I dunno what to think about that….

This is why I don’t want to just up and give up on him though. When we’re having a good time, we have an amazing time together. It’s just so great.

Gah. So yeah

Today then we got back to my place and I showered quick like and then we went off to Laguna Beach and then Newport Beach.. Then I showed them Orange. So yeah. It was fun, but I feel a bit boring all at the same time. I dunno, for me it’s just not as exciting any more cause I live here so I’m not a good judge of what’s going on there. But I’m sure they had fun! 😀

I’m glad she’s here, sanity! It’s great. 🙂

Adios y’all!

Edit:// I forgot to mention that Austin says he went out test driving a car on Saturday… he SAYS it was with his brother, but I really think he went out with JR, mainly because he wouldn’t tell me I had to drag it out of him.

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it’s pretty cool how you can still have a good time after having fight. anyway what would you do if he did admit he’s got something for you?

Umm, well I’d be happier knowing that he’s got something for me and is just not ready for a relationship now then to think that he’s got nothing for me… I’m wierd like that.

At least then we could be working towards that, instead of him pretending that he’s got nothing for me, and me going on all these worthless dates.


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