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Long Beach

So yesterday was pretty good.

OG, asked me a simple question about mysql performance tuning and then I spent the rest of the day researching that stuff. Finially made some changes late last night to hopefully speed things up.

Our MySQL box in the 148 days that it was up and runinng served over 69 million requests. Which REALLY isn’t that many, but considering the type of box it’s running on, that’s a lot

Anyways, Austin picked me up from the office about 1:30 and we went up to Fry’s. I’ve never been there before, and OMG is that place HUGE! From there we drove up to Long Beach where he had an interview. I sat in Borders for the hour that it took and read a book.

I ended up buying it too, it’s called California Camping. It lists over 1,500 camp sites. This guy has PERSONALLY gone and camped at them all and he gives a short preview of them and a rating. So it seems really nice.

Camping this weekend, maybe?

So after the interview, Austin said it went really well. But there’s a posibility of him having to move to San Diego.

We drove around Long Beach for a while looking at things and talking. The area we were in is REALLY nice. Found a Sushi place and ate there. It was 50% off! Yay! We got Squid, Salmon, Tuna, Scallops and a California Roll. They were all pretty good. I’ve decided that I HATE the sea-weed they put around the rolls though.

From there we took PCH back down to Newport, which was a really pretty drive because the sun was going down. He told me that I need to act more excited and that I don’t show my emotions enough. It’s true.. Ever since Andrew, I haven’t.

We picked up my car and drove back to my area and went to BestBuy/CompUSA. He’s in the search for a keyboard. On the way there, this jackass cut me off, so I honked at him. Then he flipped ME off and then SLAMMED on his brakes trying to make me rear end him.

I don’t fucking GET people. When you fucking do something WRONG you have NO RIGHT to fucking do that shit. Jackasses.

After shopping we broke and I went home. Sat on the computer for a while and did that work stuff and then went to bed and read for a while.

Adios y’all!

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