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I Did…

Haha.. So Andrew just updated his Journal… And He said the following:

Against the advice of Joe, I’m writing about this anyway. (Sorry Joe!) Chris called me late Saturday night (my phone was off) and he left me two very nasty messages. Basically he sounded drunk and kept telling me I was a fucking bitch and a fucking jackass and all this stuff. The second message said that he “hopes I fucking die” so those were definitely nice messages to wake up to. Instead of doing something heinous back (which I was fighting with all my being) I have decided to just not do anything. And just PS, my writing about it on my journal is just chronicling that it happened, not an actual response.

Well, I’m very glad to know that I DID infact call him a jackass, etc. Because he is a fucking dumb ass and I do hope that he dies.

So whatever. God I just wish that I fucking remembered what all I said to him.

Adios Yall.

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