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Boring End…

So the rest of the weekend has been very boring.

After Austin left on Sunday I didn’t even get out of bed till 4pm. Hell, I didn’t even wake up till 2. Found out that Austin had my cell phone, so I drove down there to pick it up about 5:30 or so and wasn’t planning on staying at all, but he invited me to stay for a while. We laid in his bed and watched some TV. He kept saying, “why do you tease me” but he wouldn’t elaborate. He also said that when we got home from the bar we laid in bed talking for a long time, but he wouldn’t tell me about what.

I left there about 7, and found that I drunk dialed a lot more people then I thought:

Danny P (twice)

Austin (even though he was IN THE CAR)






I’ve heard from Oksy, Jenks and Ginny since then. I’m very annoyed with Andrew in general and still want to call and bitch him out, even though I’m pretty sure I did that while I was drunk.. At least if I did it again, I would remember doing it. That stupid fucker. ::death eyes::

Got home and laid around in bed chatting with people online. This guy on myspace found me and said that he was sitting next to us at the bar for awhile and asked me on a date.. I don’t have any memory of this guy, but whatever. Maybe I will take him up on that… who knows. He doesn’t have any pics up on myspace, and he says he doesn’t have any digital ones to send.. Which I usually take means he’s ugly.

Today I got up about 10 and went to the store and bought stuff for Peanut Pie.. Yummy! I’ve already eaten 1/4th of it. 🙁 I’ll be so fat… But according to Austin’s scale, I’m down to 160… and he said it was acurate. Who knows. I still feel fatter then normal. Perhaps I’m preg… Though I dunno who from, since I haven’t had sex in a year, does that mean I’m a born again virgin?!

Came home, made the pie and have just been sitting around reading and looking things up. I got the newest Adbusters, and they’ve changed the paper they use to something very cheap. It’s annoying.

On friday on my way home I took a little bit of a different route, and right down the street from my office they are building these big condo buildings called the 3000 The Plaza.

They have these HUGE signs saying “Starting in the low $400,000’s”… So.. I really want a house/condo.. And these look UBER nice. I figure I could get a 1 bedroom and do an interest only loan for like 4 or 5 years, and then sell it. Make a nice profit hopefully and do whatever. Even if I don’t STAY in the area for that long, I could rent it out after I leave or something.

Who knows.

I’m sure as with everything else, I’ll end up not doing it. I need motivation people!

Oh, I test drove the Volvo S40… I really loved the car itself, but there was ONE VERY annoying thing about it.. The damn gas and brake pedal are WAY too close together. I dunno if I could live with that… And I don’t think you should have to LEARN how to drive your car as the dealer said, “You’ll learn to deal with it”… NO, that’s not an answer!

Blast, I’m out!

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Haha, Danny just called me.. I guess I called him 3 times, and it was at like 4 in the morning for him! Sorry Danno.

He’s coming to SD soon though, so we’re going to hang out! Yay! 😀

I guess I didn’t leave him any messages though, he was mad about that!

What is peanut pie? I would also like to say that I am way glad that I don’t drunk dial because my co-workers and boss phone number is all in my cell phone. Conclusion is that would be very bad.

Haha.. Peanut Pie:

4oz Cream Cheese

1/2 Cup Milk

1 Cup Powdered Sugar

1 Cup Peanut Butter

1 Cup Chopped Peanuts

8oz Cool Whip

It’s so yummy!

And yeah, all my co-workers and boss and the CEO of the company are all in my phone book. So it’s a good thing I didn’t call any of them! lol.

Those condos are way cool! But the price, I don’t know about that and the car looks nice too. Decisions. Decisions. What should you do? Maybe you could get a condo and get a roommate to help with the cost and still get the car!!

Peanut Pie, never heard of it. On my birthdays my mom likes to bake me a white cake with peanut butter frosting. Yummy, Yummy.

Yeah, the condos are really nice, but at 400k for a one bedroom, that’s crazyness..

And I’d love to get a roommate to help with the cost, it’s just that FINDING a good one is such a freaking problem!

Hmmm, you should try peanut pie sometime!

those are nice-looking condos, but that is a lot of money, damn! I watched a news story comparing what you could get in the way of houses here in IA as compared to major cities in CA. It was insane, I bet that condo would cost $120,000 here.

gotta love the midwest! 🙂

Yeah, they are REALLY nice looking places. But I figure if I do an interest only loan I can afford it, and plus I’ll be making a nice investment, even if the prices just go up a bit.

It’s true that place would probably go for that in Iowa… If I lived in Iowa with what I was making now though, I could afford a hella nice 4 bedroom place or something.. If only I could tele-commute!

oh, I think it’s a good investment, I just can’t believe how much more expensive real estate is out there.

With the money you are making now you could buy a small plane or jet which is faster and then you can fly back and forth. Oh what fun that would be, or not.

Yeah, its insanity. I don’t see how the economy can continue to support such high real estate prices.. It’s going to have to collapse sooner or later. Which is why I’m scared of getting in on it now.

Haha… I was thinking of just moving farther away and commuting more. Maybe seeing if I could go to a 10/4 day work week or do one day a week at home. But I dunno.

If only Austin would let me move in with him! haha.

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