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Snow Days.

God, how I miss snow days. :'(

Why can’t there be a freak snow here in Cali!


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You’re not missing much. Here in Iowa City it RAINED ICE for most of the morning…covering everything a .25 inch layer of ice. This came INSTEAD of the 3-6 inches of SNOW that was supposed to come…or that may come later.

I’d have rather just had the snow.

Haha, yeah. I’d rather just have the snow too.. Ice == NO GOOD!

I just want a nice pretty snow covered everything for a while… I miss that.

Remember that time you and I went romping in all the snow, it was Valentines day way back when?

No you don’t….the temp is now at 19 but with a a 23mph wind making it feel like 2. And for the next couple of nights are going to be well below zero.

That would be great if I had someone to cuddle with to keep me warm, lol.

I moved to Bakersfield in 1998, and about a month after I moved there, they had their first snow in 25 years. It was awesome – about two inches of snow, and the limbs on all palm trees broke from the weight, and no one could drive.

Oh, I’m just some guy who wandered through. I can’t even remember why I came here – probably looking for a WordPress plugin.

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