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Dinner With Couples.

So dinner last night was pretty good. Although, very strange.

I got there and it was just Michael and I, cause Than was running late. So we talked a bit and had a good conversation. But then Than got there and things just went down hill.

He adds like this strange wierdness to the room. LIke you try and talk to him and he just has like one word answers and doesn’t really talk about much and it’s just so strange.

I get the feeling that they just want a threesome with me. They kept trying to get me to drink and stay later and stuff like that. It was so random.

I was thankful to get out of there. They invited me to a party on Friday, but I’m not going.

Austin and I had a nice talk last night as well. That felt good.

I went to bed at like 8:30 and crashed. My fucking cats have been going crazy at night lately. Moo Cow will play in the fucking litter box and make SO MUCH noise. Tux runs all over hell and uses the damn scratching post like crazy. It’s getting really annoying and hard to sleep. Grrr.

Oh well, adios yall!

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