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My cats are freaking driving me INSANE.

Lately they have been going CRAZY all freaking night. It’s so annoying. They run around like crazy and they jump all over, and they play with thier toys, and they scratch the post. And they dig and dig in the litter box.

It’s driving me insane because I keep waking up!

Last night was a good night. Hung out with Austin and went shopping. He found two UBER cute shirts. I wanted them both, but there was none in my size. 🙁


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Hahahahaha! Eventually the cats will get over whatever it is they’re doing.

Thankfully my cats don’t do that. They dont have toys because they like to pee on them. They do like to come up and stick their paws under the bedroom door and rattle it though. As a result I taped folded paper towels to the door frame and stuck some cotton balls in the latch. It’s much quieter now.

Unless Pete is yowling… and he likes to do that….

Gah, these cats are going insane.. I think they are mad because there is someone else in the bed. So they can’t cuddle with me at night like they normally do.

I should just lock them up at night, but they would go crazy and yowl, etc.

It’s driving me crazy though!

That whole other people sleeping in the bed thing.. yeah.. that’s probably it exactly. Silly kitties don’t like change. Then again.. if you have a large enough bed, they should still be able to get up there and sleep too….

Yeah, it’s a queen, but we tend to roll around a lot, so there’s really not anywhere they can lay safely.

Damn cats need to get over it, I’d rather have a boy in bed then the cats!

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