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Sushi…Best In Small Portions

So, yesterday I had a good date.. Went out with Michael again. Went down to this sushi place in Laguna, it was all you can eat.

We get there, and he just orders everything since I have no idea what’s going on. The first thing was this Tuna Sushi. Which was pretty good. But I think they put a bit too much wasabi on it. After that we got this crunch roll which was HUGE, he wasn’t expecting it to be so big, so that was the last thing we got.

There was this crazy Asain lady and her white husband sitting next to us and they had like 7 plates of sushi JUST WHILE WE WERE SITTING THERE, and we talked to them and they had been there befoe us! And we’re not talking SMALL plates either. It ws crazy that the TINY little asian girl could pack away that much!

Drove home and he held my hand the whole way, but towards the end of dinner it got a little wierd cause we were struggling for things to talk about.

Austin and I are going to Disney today, so that should be fun. I got us free tickets.

I meant to talk about the fact that he’s had 50+ partners in his life… That really freaks me out. Granted he’s been active since he was 15, but STILL! Arg, I just don’t know. Plus he said he’s cheated on a BF before. :'( In Iowa, he would have been a member of the sluts club. It makes me sad.

Adios, yall.

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Yes, sadly I think that you are correct. He’s a weakness.

He is a great person, we have a LOT in common, being that we’re in the same field, etc. But he’s just got too much baggage I think.

Perhaps it is true that we can only be friends.

Yeah, that sucks, but it sounds like he’s jerking you around a lot too. That’s no good 🙁

But on the plus side, there’s going to be tons of half-off valentines candy. 🙂

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