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So I got my bill for the insurnace the other day. It went down $100 from last year, but that was still with them thinking I lived in Iowa.

So I called them up and told them I moved and got a new quote…

It went from $716 to $1,863…

Then I had him add my dad on there, that brought it down to $1606.16. Which is still less then the other quotes I had recieved from places, and with TWICE the coverage, dollar amount wise!

So then we fill out the paper work and he’s like, “Oh, BTW you are eligible for the 5 year aniversary discount and a Farm B discount”… So that brought it down to $1,473. Still, TWICE what I was paying in Iowa, but a damn good deal for here in Cali! Then he told me that I had to pay by either visa or mastercard. Well, my bank account didn’t have that much in there so that ruled out using the Visa, so then I had to use a Mastercard… Alas, I DO NOT HAVE a Mastercard. So I told him I would have to transfer money to my bank account and call him back the next day.

PS!!!!! If you’re not a member of Farm Bureau I highly suggest it.. You get TONS of amazing benifits. (Just do a google search for “YOUR STATE Farm Bureau”) It’s only $65 a year here in Cali and my mom said it was $40 a year in Iowa.

So I called my mom and talked to her and she convinced me that I didn’t need Comprehensive coverage on my car, so when I called Nick back the next day, I told him to drop that which brought my total down to $936! So I’m really excited about this because I had BUDGETED $2,000 for insurance! Woot!

Then I asked him about new cars, and got a quote on the car that’s top on my list right now.. He said with FULL coverage at my current limits it would only be $1,200. Which I think is strange, but whatever. 😀

So I finailly have that all sorted out. I need to call Saddleback too to find out what I need to do if I just want to take one class. I don’t want to enroll and do all the stupid tests they make you take to place you, because I just want continuing education credits. But I really think that I want to take a class there next semester. It would keep me busy.

And Tom, I officially asked Blake to the holiday christmas party.. All he said was.. “I wish you could see my calendar” I’m guessing that’s a no. lol. But like I keep saying, even if he is free, it’s a long ass ways for him to drive just for a party.. But if he could come down, I’d probably take the whole day off to spend with him.

Anyways, I’m out!

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Well, you asked him at least. But I guess the way I look at it (and my opinion does not matter) is if you two really want to make a go of your relationship, then you have to make sacrifrices for each other.

But if it is only a friendship then it does not matter as much. Because friends only do things together when they have the time.

Well he usually has pretty good reasons. We want him to go to the doctor. The church things, I’m sure he could cut down on, but it’s his choice to be as active as he is. And I respect that. It’s good that he does those things. It makes him an even more amazing person in my eyes.

Plus he’s made it very clear that he’s too busy to go into a relationship right now, so it’s not a priority for him to make time for me. 🙂

I understand. So if you are willing to wait for him and you think this is right for the two of you, then I wish you both all the luck in the whole world that it will all work out for the best.

It’s your life and you have to live it the way you think is best.

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