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My Coffee Table is Sexy!

So here’s to all you who laughed at me for pulling it out of the garbage…

It’s fucking sexy now!

And here’s the matching entertainment center:

And here’s the new rug I bought to go under the coffee Table:

My living room is nearly complete. I’m going to buy a vase to go in the center of the coffee table and then I have to buy one more painting to go above the Fireplace.. I can’t decide between the following:

He has others that I’d much rather have… Sadly they aren’t offered as Posters. 🙁

Umm, ok. Back to my weekend!

Friday I stayed home and finished painting my coffee table. Went to bed at like 9 or 10.

Saturday I got up and cleaned my apartment up from the painting and shit then went to Ikea and bought the rug, then I went to South Coast and walked around there for a bit. After that I hit up Smart & Final to buy food for the plane ride to France and back.

Came home and sat around for a while. Bike ride at some point. Then I went up to LA with this guy and we hiked through these mountians by the Hollywood sign and some crazy obersvatory. It was fun. But it was dark and scary. Plus we didn’t have flashlights so we were kinda just guessing where to go. It took about an hour and a half. Lots of fun.

We ran into a traveling band of gypsies on horse back too, crazyness I tell you. (They were actually just a bunch of little girls, but it’s more fun to call them gypsies!) WE had a really fun debate about politics on the way down. I think I probably scared him. lol

After that we went out to chinese food and then I went home and went to bed.

Sunday I spent the whole day lounging around my apartment. Went to bed about 6 because I was sad and pissed off (more on that in a private entry). I cried for a few hours … then watched the west wing. I wish live debates were like that. Fucking presidential canidates. After that I cried a bit more then went to bed.

Got up this morning and didn’t really feel like getting out of bed, but I did anyways. Only to go lay down on the couch for 30 more minutes when someone called me and woke me up. Blah, So I came into work anyways.

I dont get why you would let you children go and trick or treat only to take away all the candy that they get. It just seems mean.

Going to hollywood tomorrow. Should be lots of fun… Less fun now then I was planning on, but hopefully still fun. I’ll probably be sad.


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The politics of this country is enough to make anyone cry. Don’t worry about it Chris.-Just do what you can.

BTW,a GREAT job on the coffee table. If only all recycling could turn out looking so fantastik!

1. That coffee table and entertainment center is fucking dripping with pure sex. I’d actually like to see pics of the rest of the room! I’m proud of you from what I can see. It’s a far cry from the old place in Ames that I helped decorate…poorly I might add. haha

2. I saw my senior pic on your entertainment center, and it made me smile. Thanks.

lol.. There’s actually 3, yes !!3!! Pictures of you on the enterainment center. 😛 And there’s a few more in the posters in the bedroom, with all the other pictures from that time period. lol.

It is a far cry from Ames.. I actually have real furniture and real stuff to decorate with. Though it’s still not quite up to what I’d like, it’s a million times better then what I used to have! Send me your e-mail addy and I’ll take pics tonight or tomorrow to send. 🙂

Man-I never find anything good in the dumpster here-I wanna come to Califonia and play in your dumpsters!

That coffe table is really awesome looking Chris!!

You really did good work on them. Can I hire you for some work around my place?

As for the posters or paintings, I like the very first one and the last two.

Are you getting excited for Paris? Bet you can hardly wait.

ok, know this will not make any difference (or perhaps will sway you the other way) I like #4 and the last one.

Great to see that your place is coming together and beak will be there sometime late next year if things don’t change. Of course you have to put up with me too (sorry about that!)

Thanks, I’ma ctually leaning towards the first and last one… I dunno if I mentioned that already or not, but I’m to damn tired to look!

And it’ll be fun to have both of you here! Why are you both coming? Is there something going on that I should be aware of?


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