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I found this cool National Budget Simulator the other day somewhere… it’s really fun. I got to a 300 Billion Dollar surplus. Clearly I should be in charge of the budget!

It’s also really wierd when someone you haven’t talked to in nearly 4 years randomly IMs you and starts being all “We should hang out sometime”. It’s like, dude! You live in Pittsburg and I live in the OC! Though, I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him.. It’d be a first! haha.

I hardly slept at all last night. I finially got to sleep about midnight and kept tossing and turning and waking up. I finially woke up about 4:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep . 🙁 I’ve been up since then laying around on my couch.

I priced a top of the line Mazda3s today. With Navigation and Homelink and all that good stuff. $22k.. Not bad. The Mazda3 is currently at a .76/1 on my decision matrix though.

The top 5 cars right now are:

Toyota Prius – 1/1

Acura RSX – .94/1

Audi A3 – .88/1

Acura TSX – .82/1

Mazda3 .76/1

My weighting system is as follows:

Pricing – 40%

Fuel Economy – 34%

HP – 1%

0-60 – 2%

Warranty – 20%

JD Power Rating – 3%

I’m planning on adding a few other categories into that, just not sure how to rate them (Such as if they use Premuim or Regular gas, which I’m sure will knock the Audi A3 and the TSX out of the top 5). 🙂

I know, I’m crazy!


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I don’t really like the Civic Hybrid. There just aren’t the options that I want. IE, Navigation system. And plus it has so few choices of colors/interior and other options.

doesn’t the new civic have a nav system? but you’re right about the options and stuff.. there’s almost nothing cool you can add on in a civic. mostly aftermarket stuff i guess.

anyway good luck with the car hunting

I didn’t see it on the site.. Maybe I just missed it.

Either way I just read an article on Digg about who Hybrids really won’t save you any fuel money till 8 years down the road. And since I already get 33Mpg in my car on average and most Hybrids are getting 40-45, there’s really not that BIG of a difference.

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