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40 MPG

So I did the calculations last night and figured out that on my trip between Newport Beach and Three Rivers, I got 40 MPG. From Three Rivers up through the park and then back down to Bakersfield I got 36MPG and between Bakersfield and Aliso Viejo, I got 39 MPG! How exciting is that?

There’s talk of a work camp out in Oct. That would be way fun. Of course right now it’s just talk. lol

Last night we had some AMAZING thunderstorms. They woke me up about midnight and I just laid there listening to them. First thunderstorms we’ve had since I moved here.

Yesterday right before I left I had a meeting with this guy about the project I’ve been working on. He COMPLETELY changed the requirements, so now a lot of it will require re-writing! How annoying!

I also got a ticket from someone else about a project I did a long time ago. I asked him when I started it if he wanted Client Based output or just grouped output. He said, “Grouped output will be fine, we don’t care about the clients”. Well apparently they do, because NOW they want client based output. Again requiring a major re-write, because I didn’t plan on having to sort by those things. Grrr.


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That’s pretty good gas mileage. What kind of car do you have?

Sorry you have to re-write some of that stuff. I imagine that it probably sucks. Too bad that people have to change things at the last moment.


I drive an ’00 Saturn SL-1 (Manual).

Thankfully I realized on the second problem that I actually did program in the logic for the Client Based reports. So that was good. I just had to uncomment a few things. 😀 I’m so good at guessing what people want!

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