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Bears! Christmas!!

Ok, it’s that time of year again! Time for my annual RANT about christmas.

So, I was at wal-mart yesterday getting some things, and wal-mart FUCKING HAS CHRISTMAS STUFF OUT ALREADY! WHAT THE FUCK!?

Also, I forgot to mention that I almost hit a bear when I was in the park the saturday morning. I was driving in and there was this BIG ASS bear right in he middle of the fucking road. It was amazing!

I did a lot of thinking yesterday as well. And I’m ready to say that I love blake. I’ve already told him that. 🙂 However, I’m a little nervous about where this might lead. Such as if we start dating officially. How would things work out? Would he tell his mother, would that make it easier or harder for me to come visit? How often would he be able to come here to see me, etc etc etc. I dunno. I’m just nervous about a possible relationship with him.

And lastly, I promised my readers a fat picture. Well, I couldn’t find a scanner, so I just took a picture of a picture. I’m sorry it’s not very good quality, but here it is:

Taken in late summer ’00

Taken in late summer ’05

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accomplished indeed. congrats on the weight loss! i really did not recognise you when i saw the “fat picture”

omg i’m so bad.. when i read that you almost hit a bear, I didn’t think that you were referring to an animal…

Wow is right!! I only hope that I can look that way someday. I try to workout at least 4 days a week and run. I only have 40 more pounds to go.

Next time you go to that park watch out for those bears, they will do more damage to your car than maybe a deer. Ha!Ha!

So what is your secret to weight loss? Exercise or worry?

Why be concerned about hitting bears? I’m sure a bear has hit on you before!

I started out Late Summer ’00, and went to college. There I stopped eating Fast Food, Ice Cream, Pop and a few other horrible foods.

I did a year of that and got down to 185ish. After that I started going to the gym and working out, also started riding my bike to and from class.

And bears can do a lot of damage!


Let’s hear it for not being a fattiecakes!

Whoop whoop!

I just showed my roomie MY fat picture the other day. I think I scared him. You were actually in it. It was from our Minn trip.

You were never fat! What, maybe 180 or something at the most?! 😛

But yes, not being fat is wonderful. Though I’d like to loose a little more. lol


I don’t recall you being that fat! Oh well.

I’d like to get back to 165, i’m at 175 now… But those last ten pounds have always been a pain in the ass to get rid of!

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