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Back to Civilization!

Well. I’m back in civilization. It was a really fun weekend, but could have been more fun!

I left work at 12:00 and got to bakersfield at 2:30… An hour before Blake got out of class. I took the 405 up there, which was a good idea I think. Blake and Jimmy disagree. Oh well. Everytime I’ve taken the I5 through LA it’s been horribly slow!

Anyways, I got Blake some flowers because he sounded a little down on the phone and jimmy said he was down, so I thought maybe they’d chear him up. I sat next to his car and waited for him to get out of class. He finially got there at 3:40ish and he didn’t even hug me. He was just like, ‘Get in’. I was a little offended that he never even said “Thanks” for the flowers, but whatever, I understand that he wasn’t feeling well so I’ll just attribute it to that. He also didn’t really seem to want to hug/kiss when we were saying good bye. That was sad as well. 🙁 That I can attribute to the fact that bakersfield probably isn’t the most gay friendly place in the world and we were in a fairly public spot. Though, I don’t thin you could really see through his windows… I wish we had had more time though. And I did have fun seeing the town with him. But he refused to take me where he lives. 🙁

Also, Jimmy (Who I think is just a factictious person) was in class, so I didn’t get to see him.

Anyways, after that I drove up to Three Rivers and ate at this mexican place, which gave me the shits. TMI? haha Then I went back to this campground and spent the night there. My car is actually very comfortable to sleep in. I was pretty surprised.

The night though, I had two wet dreams.. Apparently I need to jack off more, or something! haha. I also had a dream about Andrew and Jonathan Taylor Thomas! It was so random and yet pissed me off! The point of that dream was that Andrew’s sister was going ot this big fancy college with like a 4 hour induction ceremony which is insanly boring, so Andrew asked me to go. All Black tie and everything. So we get there and like 15 minutes after we get there, JTT comes up to Andrew and starts hitting on him. They eventually go off and leave me alone with Susan and Her husband. Now don’t get me wrong Susan’s a great person, but Andrew had invited me to this place and then dumped me. So I was pretty pissed. So I was eating these semi-melted chocolate things, and happened to see JTT and Andrew and JTT has his shirt like half unbottoned so I walked up to his and dumped my chocolate things down his shirt and then grabbed a glass of wine from this woman and threw it in his face. It was hilarious!

Enough about my dreams.. I got up about 5:30ish because my alarm clock didn’t go off on time. 🙁 Stupid phone died trying to find a Digital tower… even though I did have Analog signal most of the day up there.

Point is, I sat around my camp site till 6:30 and then went into the park. Spent about 7 hours total there and had a really good time.

a few annoyances though, they need signs! Like I was walking this one trail and it was supposed to go to Eagle Lookout or something like that. Well the trail split like 4 times, and there wasn’t one sign that said, “This way to eagle lookout” I never did find that look out and I walked for nearly an hour, it was supposed to only be half a mile! Also on the roads, there’s signs for things if you’re going one way, but if you’re going the other way there aren’t signs for things! Blah, like I missed Chicago STump which I wanted to see… But luckily I did find the sign for Stump meadow, which was really cool, but it was down this 3 mile dirt road that was just barely big enough for one car!

I also somehow wondered into this Christan camp, which was COOL! I want to go teach there, too bad I’m not a religious freak! lol.

I did see Moro Rock which was really cool it’s only an 1/4 mile hike, but it was up 305 stairs, at 7,000 feet! Which really wears you out. I ran into a big group from IVC there as well and chatted with them for a while.

I had a TON of things I wanted to write about and have been writing down notes all day, but when I was on my way back, I stopped in bakersfield for gas and cleaned out my car and accidentially threw out that sheet! 🙁

I really wish I had like a week or two to hike back into the back country of Sequoia though. It looked really cool back in there.

The drive home was TONS of fun though, I left out the north side of the park and took 245 south… OMG, talk about a FUN DRIVE! Anyways, it took me exactly 2.5 hours to get back from bakersfield again… it’s a 150 mile drive, so 300 miles round drive, 5 hours! I wish I could stay with blake, then I’d go up there more often to see him.

I was sad that I couldn’t see him on the way back too.. He had chemo/radiation today, so he wasn’t up to it. Very sad.

I’ll post pictures on monday when I get to work. sadly there weren’t as many cool ones as I had wanted.

OH! They were doing controlled burns up there today, and I LOVED the smell. It was so great. It reminded me of my days at camp when you could always smell the camp fires.. That smell to me is so relaxing.

There was this one guy though who did NOT agree with it.. He went OFF on one of the park rangers… I wanted to go up and yell at him for yelling at her, because the park rangers don’t schedule that shhit. It’s the fire department that does it! Grrr, stupid people.

But, speaking of going off on people! THE OC has made me really bitchy and I’ve been going off ono people left and right lately. Grrr.

Ok, well I’m tired and should go to bed. night all.

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Glad to hear you had a good time at the park. Sounds like a nice place to check out someday.

Too bad things did not go so well with you and Blake.

I like that dream you had, very funny. We see stuff like that on tv, but not in real life(dumping the chocolate down his shirt and a glass of wine). And Jonathan Taylor Thomas is a cutey. Wouldn’t mind getting to know him.

you went to the CHristian camp where i give motivational speeches sometimes… hehe Even though they dont like some of the things i say…I am feeling a little better so i should be able to go to school tomorrow and be able to talk to you…I will talk to you tomorrow though unless you have me blocked…ttyl babe

Haha, we should go there and make out sometime! haha.. I know you don’t like making out with me. 🙁 It’s ok.

I hope you’re feeling 100% by next weekend, because I want to hang out with you some while you are back here in the OC. THough I’m sure you’ll make up some excuse so you can get out of it. 🙁

Anyways, talk to you later babe!

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