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Go Away TY!

I had the most horrible dream last night! I was still living with TY and I was sitting on the floor playing some comptuer game, and he came up and started being all flirty with me and laying his head in my lap! It was creepy! Eww.

So new plans for today! I’m going camping afterall.

Plan is to leave work at 12 (I’ve been here since 3:30). Go up to Bakersfield and hopefully have dinner with Blake, that is if he’ll see me, I know he hates me so probably not.. haha. Then drive on up and find somewhere to sleep. Then Saturday spend the day exploring. Sleep outside the north side of the park on Saturday night and then drive home.. Hopefully stopping in bakersfield again to have lunch/dinner with Blake. But again, He hates me. so yeah.

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Nothing else going on around here.. Yay!


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you know perfectly well i do not hate you. You are the one that hates me. we can maybe do something today but probably nothing Sunday since they are going to knock me on my ass tomorrow with treatment…i dont know we will see

I know you don’t hate me sexy butt…. I’m just pulling on your leg. 😀

I sure hope we can hang out at least today! And maybe sunday. We’ll see how you are feeling.


Too bad i wont be around later today i have class until 8pm. I wanted to see who Blake talks about all of the time. i still think you would like me better.well maybe not.Blake is a great guy. Trust me i know since i have known him all of my life. he gets moody sometimes but not often. Hope you guys have fun today if you get here on time.he said you took the 405 instead of the 5 up here BIG MISTAKE. well class is about to start for me. have fun camping and seeing Blake…i told him to tell you hello

Well all you readers, i guess Chris is up at the Sequoias. I tried calling his cell and he had no reception. Too bad he didnt let me update his blog for him…or i would tell all his secrets. Well we met up after school today and we talked and drove around for about an hour before i had to go to the doctor. i miss him already…anyways i will quit boring you…so Good Morning,Good afternoon, Good evening, and in case i dont update within 24 hours Good Night

Jimmy! Why’d you use blake’s e-mail addy? You should have used your own so that way I can e-mail you and get all the gossip about blake… I still think you are just a figment of blake’s imagination. haha

I was sad that I didn’t get to meet you too, since I hear you are moving this week? It would have been nice to meet blake’s best friend. Maybe some day?

And I think the 405 was a good choise, every time I’ve EVER taken the 5 past Orange, it’s been HELLISH! I got to bakersfield and BACK from there in exactly 2.5 hours each way. Maybe if blake ever lets me come and see him up there I’ll take the 5 and compare.

Adios, and feel free to e-mail me with some good dirt about blake. haha.

BLAKE! Thanks for updating my readers. You are so kind! You were correct that I didn’t have cell reception up where I spent the night, but once I got into the park I was on analog most of the day. The sad thing about analog though is that it can take up to 24 hours for your phone to be registered with the network so that you can recieve calls, so if anyone tried calling me that’s probably why it didn’t go through. 🙁

How come you didn’t leave a message on friday though so that I felt loved? 🙁

And what secrets would you have told everyone that they don’t already know? I’m pretty open about what I write on here! :-p

Adios sexy, and I’ll e-mail you the pic of you and me together on monday! We look uber cute 😀 Our children will be HOT! lol

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