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So, the second problem yesterday where I thought I’d have to re-write a lot… I actually didn’t because I originally coded in the logic of Client Based reports cause I apparently had a feeling they WOULD eventually want it.

So all I had to do was uncomment a few lines. 🙂 Sometimes I can be so good at predicting other’s needs before they need it. I also found that I had coded in a few other reports that I’m sure they’ll ask for sooner or later. Time will tell.

I’m dressed up all sexy today. It’s been so long since I got dressed up. I love boys in suits. they are so hot! haha

Not much really going on in my life, sometimes I wonder why I continue to update daily, because there really is nothing going on!

I Love smart playlists on iTunes!

Oh, yesterday was a crazy day here at work! The sites went down twice!

Yup, I’m out!

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well yesterday i was dressed in a tux for a black and white ball at the church…hehe. i have to admit Catholics do know how to drink. i got to the church around 3pm and didnt get home until 2am…so i must have had fun…I can barely remember…i had to tell the bartender houw to make my drink, because he had no clue. It is 2oz Scotch Wiskey, .5oz Triple sec, and 1oz Orange Juice…not 1oz scotch and 2 oz Orange juice. oh well he eventually learned after the 7th or 8th drink…ok enoguh rambling talk to you all later

You chruchies are such drunks!

I wish I could have come with you.. .We could have made out and freaked out all the straights.

But I would bet you probably already had some hot boy to make out with.

There were 2 hot boys there, but their girlfriends were also…:-( so i wasnt making out with anyone like my friend was…i caught her in the bathroom making out with the mirror…she must have thought the girl she saw was really hot…more like really tore up…hehe

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