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Back on UK!

So I’m back on the UK helpdesk… Apparently there are some legal issues. So I’m on call… stiill going to be working days, but if something urgent comes up, they are going to call me. Blah!

I’ve found some fun websites:

1) Ban SUVs

2) SUV City

I’m getting really sick of hearing about all this New Orleans shit. Sucks that it happened. But shut up already!

And fucking bush.. Where the fuck are you?! Get some army fuckers in there and take care of shit. Why can’t we even get food to these people?!

Go to CNN and watch the videos.. Very funny. I loved the first one!

Maybe it’s because he spends all his fucking time on vacation. Jackass…

I think it’s funny how some religious groups are claiming it was god destroying the homo’s… Fucking homos… we’re so bad!

Speaking of: California State Senate Passes Gay Marriage Law.

Adios all.

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