So I was in bed tonight trying to sleep and my head was spinning, thinking, and I came up with this topic: Best way to Kill yourself.

Now just a notice, I’m not doing any research on these, just my impressions…

Gun (Head/Heart): Ok, I’d say this is probably one of the most “popular” ways of doing things. I mean, as long as you use the right caliber of gun the bullet will enter your scull and then get stuck because it won’t have the momentum to break through the other side. And because of the curvature of the scull the bullet will literally bounce around inside there and will just rip your brain apart in seconds. The real question here is do you feel the pain of your brain being ripped apart? And if you do it wrong, the bullet will just rip a whole straight through your brain and exit stage left… This could be a problem because then you aren’t destroying the main parts of the brain which feel pain, so then it’ll be more painful, right?

The second part of this is shooting yourself in the heart, which I think is just stupid, because well, if you don’t hit it right and you completly miss then you’ve got to shoot yourself again! Plus, you’re only killing something that provides a source of life to your brain, so while you’re brain dies from lack of blood you still feel all the pain of dying, right? Or is your brain in such shock that you can’t feel it?

Jumping Off Building: Ok, this one is logically flawed, right? I mean, first you’ve got to find a building to jump off of that’s big enough, then you’ve got to get to the top of it… So you’ve got to REALLY want to die, eh? Plus then you’ve got the few seconds from the time you jump to the time you hit the ground. What in the WORLD is going through your mind during that time, could you imagine? And then if you don’t pick a building big enough and you don’t die the instant you hit the ground, you’ve got all the pain of living and then having to try to kill yourself again. Example, when I was living in Ames, some woman tried jumping off the ISU Parking garage (30 feet tall), she lived but spent tons of time in the hospital… I can’t remember if she ended up living or dying.

Decapitation/Throat Slitting: Ok the real question here is what happens to you after you cut your head off. Your brain is still in tact, but do you feel the pain of having your head removed from the rest of your body? Because your brain does live for a few minutes or so after it stops getting blood/oxygen. I think this is just a stupid way to go, no?

Strangling: This one seems like a smart way to die. If you do it right it snaps your spine and you die instantly, but you’ve got all the work of tying the knot (Which isn’t easy to do RIGHT, I know I taught knot tying) and finding somewhere to hang it from. And then if you don’t do it right you just hang there for minutes slowly strangling to death. So that sucks.

Drugs: I’d say this is probably a good way of dying, as long as you get the right drugs. They do it to people on death row. Knock them out first and then inject something that basiaclly stops the heart. Easy enough to do, no pain and it’s quick. Only problem is you have to select the drug carefully. You don’t want to be alert and puking or having horrible convulsions.

Carbon Dioxide Inhalation: This one is just stupid I think, it takes forever and is easy to chicken out of. It’s my opinion that people who kill themselves this way are just asking for attention because you hear more of people starting to do it and being found then people who actually do it.

Anyways, my hypothesis is that the best way to die is by drug overdose.

The point of this bulletin is: I’ve started reading Humanity again. It’s one of the few books that I kept after graduating college. The book is all about the Ethics and Morality of war during the Twentieth Century. It’s amazing, everyone should read it.

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