How Time Flies

Boy how time flies! I’m starting to re-read Humanity now because Quicksilver is getting boring. But I got to thinking about it and it’s already been 5 YEARS since I graduated from HS and started colllege.. It seems like just yesterday! It’s so crazy.

Anyways, I spent the weekend at my apartment doing absolutely NOTHING! That’s right, nothing. I only left for a little bit on saturday to get groceries and cat food. Blah, it was a total waste of a three day weekend. Oh well.

jonJon did come over for a little bit on one night and we watched a movie and had a good time. So thaat was fun.

Yep, nothing else.

Night all.

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  1. HEy there I guess i wasnt fun…hehe j/k. I not sure if you got my message, but i am going into surgery tomorrow…i will be out Thursday, but probably wont be online until Friday sometime…hope to talk to you then

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