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Well not really much going on as per usual in my life.

I just got back from a job interview at a company called eracks… It was ok. I’m thinking I’m probably not interested in a full time job there, but I mentioned maybe doing something part time and he seemed receptive to that. He also happens to be gay, so we might hang out sometime… Don’t worry andrew, he’s got a boyfriend. 🙂

I was sad because i didn’t get to go to the Perry 4th party, and beak didn’t call me like she said she would.

Well night all.

Happy Brithday Andy (My brother)

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I’m sorry-I’m a dodo-it was so hectic that I totally spaced it-if it makes you feel any better I forgot 10 other things that day too…

sorry, she reminded me and I forgot too. but dwaine is being a butthead and that screwed up the day also

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