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I got my new lease paper this month… It’s been 9 months since I moved into this apartment, crazy I tell you.

Now I’ve got to decide what I should do about it… Should I sign it for 6,9,12 more months… Should I go month-to-month? What should I do!

I opened it today and the first thing I saw was $1350… I about pissed my pants thinking they were going to raise my rent to that… Thankfully that’s what it goes to if you do month-to-month. So Yeah, it’s still only $1085, as long as I sign a lease. Nice thing is that if I get it in by the endof next week they take $200 off of August’s rent. So that’s exciting. I could sure use that extra $200 while I’min Iowa. 🙂

Speaking of, when I made all my plans to go back there I was planning on having someone with me to doa ll this shit with. But now I’m just lokoing at it all thinking, WHAT am I going to do back there for a whole week and a half?! MOst of the shit I want to do are things I DO NOT want to do alone! I really wish I had someone to go back with me.

I know Jed will do some things with me, like he said he wanted to go to the Fair with me, but he’s got a bbf now, so it’ll be harded to get him to go and do other things with me, unless the boyfriend comes along. I’m also sure that Justin will want to hang out with me too… But I’m sure some of the things I want to do, he won’t want to do…. So alas, I’m left with most things to do alone…..

I find it funny that when I was living in Iowa, I had like 4 people practically fighting over me to go out with them… But here, I can’t even get anyone to talk to me! Like I’ve hung out with all these people once, Myke, Peter, Steven, Stephen, Bastian and others that I can’t remmeber. And we alwys seem tohave a really good time and everyone always says, “We should hang out again” but then they never WANT TO HANG OUT AGAIN! WHY WHY WHY? What do I do to these people, am I boring, do I come on to strong, maybe not strong enough? WHO KNOWS! Won’t SOMEone fUCkiNG TELL ME!


Umm, in other news. Depression, is again on the forefront, This time not so much mentally but more physically. Some days I can’t sleep at all, like today I got about 2 hours of sleep… Other days I get 12-14 hours of sleep. I haven’t been eating much at all.. Example, Over the last week I’ve been eating a Granola Bar, 2-4 slices of bread a day and a glass of milk. My apartment has also become a mess, I haven’t cleaned in weeks there are papers everywhere, dishes in the sink, and clothes all over my bedroom floor.

I have just enough energy to shower and go to work.. I typically come home, strip to my boxers and spend the day on the couch doing nothing.

I did watch a good Jerry springer today. Andrew would have been proud at it’s horribleness.

I also got into it with one of my co-workers yesterday about how the OC is so materialistic. It was actually very amusing.

Speaking of work I also got $500 in overtime this week that I wasn’t expecting. So now I can easily pay for my camera and save about $300 more then normal. 🙂 How exciting is that!

Alas this is not a three day weekend for me… So I hope everyone else enjoys thier time away from work. Think of me at my office while you’re all out partying Sunday night and into early sunday morning.

I was thinking I might drive up to Central-California next weekend and just sleep in my car. friday up, saturday to search around and sunday back. Might be fun?

Well, night all.

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Oh sure-now I’m chopped liver?!?

I can do some hanging out if you want. I’ve got a large chunk of that week off for vacation what with the kiddo’s birthday and all.

I assumed you’d be busy working! I know you were going to take a day off to go to the fair with me! I’m way excited for that. Hopefully everyone who’s SAID They want to go to the fair with me will actually go!

Cause it’d be me, you, jed, ginny, and I assume the spawn and who knows who else!

Anyways, you and the spawn are more then welcome to come along on anything you want too! It’d be wonderful!


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