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Why I love Iowa

This was just posted by RyanD…. A reason I LOVE Iowa, they actually have WEATHER!

I just watched a storm roll in and it was really cool. It went from blue sky to so dark that the street lights turned on at 7 oclock… all of this happening in 15 minutes. It started off with these black clouds rolling in, but it had a white ribbon in between large clouds all the way across the sky and it was perfectly straight. I took a picture because it was so picturesque.

As the ribbon passed over head, it was like a shockwave of wind that nearly blew my plants over by the window. I looked down to see dust swirling all around and when i sat down at my desk, its was covered in white grit and sand. So ofcourse, closed the windows. I went on the balcony to watch the storm better. It started pouring by then. Big huge drops. But with the wind, it was nearly falling horizontal. I looked at the parking lot across the street and you could see the rain falling in bands, that it appeared to be waves crashing on a shore. It had started to die down, so I went back inside. Turns out we had 70 mph winds and that power lines were down and semis were blown off of hiways. I saw inside and watched the rain fall. It felt like I was inside of a fish tank with the rain pouring down my huge window… and I was the fishy =)

God, I miss storms.

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