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Well… I got the news yesterday. After I get back from my trip to Iowa (August 22nd) I’ll be starting days! So that means my last night shift will be August 11th! YAY!

Ummm. Lets see, what’s happened since I last updated…. I got my digital camera today… and let me tell you… it’s fucking HOT! OMG, it’s so nice. I’ll post some of the pics once I get home and get them onto my laptop. lol. It’s so much fun. 🙂 And I can’t beleive how small it is. I’m really glad I got it. Now I jsut have to sell my other two cameras so that I can make some of the money I spent on this one back.

Umm, Myke’s talking to me today. 🙂

I didn’t sleep much yesterday either… But yet I was in bed tell 8pm. lol. Whoops. Oh well.

Went to the gym, my normal one, since I can’t find another one to go to… Nothing wierd happened… Though I could have sworn I heard someone say “Hey Chris” but whatever.

Today’s my mom’s birthday and I haven’t sent her present yet. lol. I’ll mail it today. I’ve had it forever, and I meant to send it back with them when they were here. But I forgot.

I’ve been reading up on VoIP lately. We’ve purchased a system, so that calls to the UK are local, and UK to here calls are local as well. IT’s going to be really cool. I’ve been told I’ll be helping with setting it up, so I’m realy excited about that. We’ve also apparently been given funding to open a UK office. They are going to start staffing it August 1, hence why I’m finially leaving night shifts. I’m kinda sad that I don’t get to go over and help set up though… but I can’t really expect to be able to since I’m so new. Our most senior SA is going over, and one of the developers… I think that’s what I was told. Either way. It would have been nice to go, cause I would have been there when Andrew was there.

Speaking of, he was online today, so I got to talk to him some… though the internet kept cutting in and out. Crazyness.

lala, I’m out.

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