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Well, last week I was sleeping WAY too much, and now so far this week (Since friday) I haven’t been able to sleep more then 4 hours a day. Anyways, Saturday I got a whole two hours, and then sunday I got a whole 4 hours. So yeah. I’m hoping tha tI can get lots of sleep today…. For some reason my head just won’t shut up when I’m trying to go to sleep. I sit there and think about all kinds of things… Like today I was thinking about what I’d do if I randomly got $500,000. Or what pictures I”m going to take when I’m back in Iowa… I already have like 100 perfect shots thought up. I’m sure that I’ll forget them all by the time I get to Iowa, but whatever. Most of them are in my G&G’s town and Creston… I’m also a bit excited and hope that I can hit the farm while I’m there to take pictures of the barn and the old machinery we have around.

I really wish I had someone from here to take back with me so that I could show them the wonderfulness that is Iowa… I’m sure I could ask a lot of people, but who would I want to go, and share that with?

I also realized that I LEAVE Iowa the day before Andrew gets back. 🙁

Today hasn’t been all that exciting. I got up and called my dad and talked to him for a bit. Then I went to Costco and bought Star Wars IV,V and VI. THen I came home and watched them (Luke Skywalker is SO HOT!) tell Bastian came over and worked on my computer. He was making a movie and needed a Mac, so I told him he could use mine. He was also really nice and seems really cool. So that was fun. Again I hope we can hang out again.

Speaking of, Andrew asked me if I thought anything would happen between Myke and I. I think one of three things will happen: 1) He’ll never talk to me again. 2) We’ll be friends, who probably don’t really hang out that much. 3) Maybe date.

I think and am hoping that the option 2 is going to happen and hopefully hang out more then I think we would as friends. He was a really fun guy and I hope that he thinks I’m at least somewhat fun. Problem is that he always seems to have something to do. IE, Friday when I went over to hang out he had actually been invited to like 3 other things… And as most of you know, I don’t feel that I’m the most exciting person, so what motivation is there for him to hang out with me and not all these other people…. Option 3 is out because… I feel like he’s too hot for me to be able to date and also I think he reminds me too much of Andrew to date as well. Though I think things could be overcome in that department if it comes down to it… Not to offend either Andrew or Myke.

However, I have this strange gut feeling that option 1 might be actually what’s happening… But that could because I get really paranoid that people don’t like me when I feel that I’m always the one IMing them first… Such is the case here. And he always takes forever to respond when I do talk to him online… Though I know most people don’t sit here like I do and repsond as soon as they hear the little sound. lol. I don’t like making people wait for a reply on AIM. but that’s just me… The point is that when I feel like I’m always the first to IM someone, I feel like they hate me. lol.

Umm, also I’ve recieved 4 offers to hook up this weekend… cound them 4… All from people I know, all completly randomly. Friday night I got two calls while I was out with Myke… And then Saturday night I got one, and tonight I got one! Very crazy. Where’s this coming from!? One of them was even a straight boy. So that was hot. 🙂 Anyways.

I’ve updated my myspace (link on the side). I tried to make it look like my webpage. I was even going ot put the picutre at the top, but the ads pop over it. Very annoying. I did find a way to make the ads go away, but I figured I might as well be nice to myspace, that is how they continue to provide a free service. Maybe I’ll just move them… time will tell.

I also have a three day weekend in August…the 26-29.. I was thinking about going up to sequoia national park. But I have no one to go with… I was thinking that if hotels were cheap enough that I’d just go alone… but I looked them up and the cheapest hotel I could find online up there was $70 a NIGHT! Holy buckets.. that’s expensive. Even if I could get just ONE person to go with me, that’s still be $120 or so with tax just on the hotel.. Plus food, and gas and entry to the park… Grrr. So yeah, that looks like it won’t happen.

I really want some of my aunt’s salami… It takes forever to make though and is SO not good for you.

Speaking of not good. I was going to hit the UCI 24 hour fitness today… So I left my place at 10, got there about 10:30 and the fucking place was CLOSED! They fucking close at 11pm.. How stupid is that, it’s RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET from a HUGE ASS CAMPUS, how in the WORLD can they close at 11pm! So Yeah, I didn’t go to the gym tonight… And then I forgot to eat dinner so I got to work and was starving, so I ate a donut. 🙁 Talk bout not good.

Screw me.

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