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Nasty Old Black Man!

Gah, so this weekend has been hella crazy.

Friday Peter came over and hung out with me for like 2 hours. I’m not sure if he came over to just come over and hang, or if his only motivation was to buy alcohol off of me… The good thing though is that he did forget to buy it off of me when he left, but he called me like 2 hours later asking if he could come back over to buy it then. He was a nice guy and all, and I had a good time. I can’t say if he did or not. he was a bit hard to read. I enjoyed his company and I was hoping that maybe we could be friends, but I’m not sure if that’s possible now… as I’ve found his LJ and it seems he is quite the pot head… And well, we all know my feelings on that.

In other news, I’m still waiting to hang out with Myke… I’m very interested in doing so because he seems like a very nice person, but then again, he could trun out to be another peter, or some such. He was supposed to come over Friday too, but cancelled to go to a frat party. It’s understandalbe, I’m nothing exciting.

I’ve also decided that I hate people here even more then the other day…Because not only are they stuck up materialistic, but the ones that claim they aren’t really ARE! Such as… today I was talking to this guy who claims he’s not… but then he was talking about this date, and how he couldn’t decide if he should take the yellow porsche, the tan SUV or the red convertable mercedes! I’m like, hello… you’re stupid and materialistic….

Lets see, when I go on a date I have to choose from… OH WAIT! I only have ONE CAR!

Anyways, in GOOD news… Andrew was here last night. IT was great to see him again. I’m being forced to write about what I feel about how our relationship should go and such… So here goes…

I love Andrew, and I probably always will. But I’m not wanting to do another long distance relationship where we have no idea if I’m going to get a job back in iowa or not… and then in 2 years he’s going to be moving again to go to grad school. So then I’d have to move YET AGAIN. I’m just not sure if I’m ready for that… AS much as I hate to say it, I think the best thing for right now is to just stay close friends and continue to talk as much as we can. And if things are supposed to work out, we’ll make it work.

I’ve deletetd my adam4adam account.

I just found out that the project I was supposed to do tonight to keep me busy has been postponed another week… excellent. I have nothing to do again!

Night all.

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Found this totally strange that you post Nasty Old Black Man and write nothing about ‘nasty old black man’. Unless Peter is a nasty old black man? Its not clear.

I was googling Adam4Adam and came across your site. Just to say… how real do you want people to be? The world is full of fakes, and you get perhaps a disproportionate amount of fakes on probably any web-site. I have met a couple of nice guys from the site – ironically no sex yet. Because that is how I choose to work it. Met old friends, neighbours!, and someone I cruised real-life has decided to hook up with me. Equally, I know people on-line who are HIV+ and lying about their status. One has to assume that if you are not trying to make a baby you should cover it. And yes other STDs can be contracted through oral contact. Life is full of risks. We should all take care of ourselves, and each other. Adam4Adam is part of living in a free society. So are Casinos, cottages, milk and sugar. They all have their price.

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