One Year

Well, today marks one year in this state..

I spare you all the reminiscing…. You’ve all been here.

Worst idea ever.


7 thoughts on “One Year”

  1. I don’t know-remember that summer when we locked ourselves in the back of the van and were stuck there until Grandma came outside-that was a pretty bad idea…


    I laughed SO MUCH!

    It’s so true.. that was a pretty bad idea… why did we do that again?!?!

  3. lol.. and it did seem like a good idea at the time… but now that I look back, it was just hilarious! Oh how I wish I had a digital camera of my own back then… we did some pretty crazy shit you and me!

  4. Remember rollerblading at 2am? I can’t believe we never got outright busted for that.

  5. I hit my one year mark here in Chicago… umm.. earlier this week. On the 7th. It’s been an interesting year.

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