Well… Andrew and I said our goodbyes tonight…

It wasn’t supposed to be like this at all. And I hate that I fucked it all up. This is all my fault. I only wish that I knew where things could be going in the next few months now.

I’m alone here now. Completly alone in this state. I have no reason to stay here any more.

Now if only those fucking headhunters that call me every week were from Iowa and not California. If only Krell would hire a fulltime Hardware person, instead of all those fucking Coders.

In good news however, I purchased my flights back to Iowa for August trip. I’ll be there from Aug 11-21, I’m flying into Omaha, and either Jed or my Grandparents are going to pick me up. I’ll spend Thursday night-Sunday in Lenox, and then go up to PC for the rest of the week. Then Sunday the 21st my mom and I are going to go visit my Gma in Carrol and then head on out to OMA for my flight back.

Laters all.

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