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This weekend, I had probably like 20 nightmares… It was crazy! I can only rememeber two of them right now, but it was strange because in the morning when I got up for good, I remembered them all…

The two that I remember now though are… 1) that I was flying a 747, and had to land it on Highway 69 between Ames and Ankeny. 2) That I was in the military and people were attacking ISU and we had to save it…. Both very random and very scary… If I remember any of the others I’ll try and write about them again.

Ok, so about my weekend.. Friday was a really long day for me. Nothing worked on Friday morning and then they came in and moved our desks around.. I now have about 2 feet less desk space which is really annoying if you ask me. It’s like I’m an island out here in the middle of the office, all alone. 🙁 Though this morning there’s a new unopened Dell box at the end of my desk. I’m hoping it’s a laptop for me, which means I’ve been officially upgraded to an SA. ::crosses fingers:: I really hope that’s what it is… THough I REALLY don’t want to go to daytime hours. 🙁 hopefuly they’ll let me work 6-2 or something like that.

We have a new CIO or something like that, it’s a new position and he’s cracking down on the working hours… Alot of people used to come in at anytime between 8 and noon. Now he’s asking that everyone be here by 9, which I think sucks. I’d like to have the ability to come in anytime. And since we all work so late into the days sometimes… OK, most of the time. I think it’s only logical to start later if you’re planning on working later. But I guess we’ll have to see how it goes.

I do really like this guy.. He’s very nice and seems to be getting a lot of the little things taken care of, so that’s always exciting. Plus this way we have someone who’s totally focused on the technology part of the business, so that’s good. I’d eventually like to be CIO or something myself… If I don’t have a nice business of my own some day.

Ok, Friday night JonJon and I went out to a nice Thai resturant of rhis B-day. His food was really good, my food wasn’t that great, that is tell it had sat overnight and soaked up all the flavor. Then it was REALLY good. 🙂 Anyways, the lady was crazy nice and you got a HUGE serving for cheap, so we might have to go back there again…. After that we went to the hookah lounge right next door and that was fun. Which brings me to my newest business idea….

I figure it’ll take about $2,000 investment. However, I’d have to be in Iowa since they are already so big out here… That spot right next to JJ’s, the one that can never keep a business more then two weeks. (It’s had a high end clothing store, and then a disko/DJ store in there before, two things that DM DOES NOT need!) Anyways, I think it’d be pretty popular… Though you’d have to sell about 50 a month to cut even, and even more to make a profit. Though… I think it’d be a small profit that you’d make. However, you could also have little mini-lounges at places like the state fair, the malls, etc during the summer for a little extra money. But I don’t think it’s a viable business for the long run.

So after that we were going to go to Robs for a party but ended up going home.

Saturday… Got up and went grocery shopping and bought some girl scout cookies. JonJon came over after work and we made dinner then just hung around the apartment that night. It was actually really boring, I would have liked to have gone out, but I feel alseep at like 8:30. lol.

Sunday got up and went to Laurens and went through all her camping shit. That took tell nearly 5:30. also got some more wood, which we chopped and stuff. It was lots of fun… And that got me thinking about joining the boy scouts again… Blah!

Why can’t I just forget things that hurt and annoy me… LIke Boy Scouts… I know I can’t do it again, but yet I want too so badly!

Anyways, next topic, random change…..

I miss fucking… I miss like back in the day with Adam where we’d fuck, and then 20 minues later, we’d switch tops and fuck again. I miss being able to top/bottom whenever.. Gah. It really annoys me when people are all. “I’m a top only” Gah, get over yourself.

I got iLife ’05 downloaded and installed. That’s an excitment in and of itself!

Ok, well I’m going to go to work now. Night all.

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