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I Dream Of JeanIe

I remember one other thing that I wanted to write about….

I had a dream last night, well yesterday mid-afternoon/evening that I found a Jeanie. It was lots of fun. And so cool. I probably dreamt this because I had just watched I dream of Jeanie, but in my dream I came up with some wonderful things to wish for… My first one was that….

Any time I used a checkbook/visa/mastercard/etc. Or any future form of proccessed money that my bank account would have that amount automatically deposited into it from some Swiss account. Thus the feds wouldn’t be able to trace it and I could claim some rich family member left it to me. This deposit would also automatically include any cost of the wire transfer (the imaginary, however it might be) and the taxes involved from the feds for importing large sums of money.

With that wonderful non-limited fund of money I’d buy houses and land and lots of pretty things, though I still dressed the way I do today. I bought all the cars I wanted, the BMW M6, and the 8 series. The Lexus, and the RR, etc. I had a house in every state, and one on every continent. I had a huge ranch in Montana that I went too and had hundreds of thousands of acres to roam about on. I knew how to speak every language in the world, and had my own personal concord to fly me wherever I wanted It was marvelous.

And everywhere I went there were hot boys to serve my every need.

Oh, if only I could find my Jeanie. 🙁

Or at least a boy who makes lots of money and will support me. 😉

Laters all.

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