My Life

3 people here, at 3 am?!

Ok, so today is majorly crazy.

I couldn’t sleep at all today so I spent most of the day sitting out side on the porch reading and playing with my kitties. I made a litlle baracade so that they can’t get off the porch. They were so funny, they freaked out at the slightest sounds. I also had a hummingbird today too. That was fun.

Finially got to sleep about 4 or so and slept tell 11:30. JonJon came over somewhere in there, but I slept through all of his visit. I feel bad about that. 🙁 Came into work and first nothing was working, now there are three people here and still nothing is working. 🙁 It’s crazyness.

One of the guys had to leave to go get another guy who’s at a bar and has to come in to help, but he car got towed. lol.

I’m on page 800 of Cryptonomicon. I’m nearly done with it, which is really sad. 🙁 Though reading it really makes me want to live during the post WW-II era, IE 1950’s or so. I think it’d be fun. And much better life.

Umm, I had a lot of nice things to write about today when I was laying there reading, but of course now I can’t think of any of them. Gah! I knew I should have written a mid-day update! Oh well. You all get to hear me blab about nothing then!

I’ve finished with my most recent project here at the office as well, which is always good. 🙂 They seem very thrilled by it which makes me feel really good and like I’m contributing to the company again. I haven’t felt like that since I wrote the Timesheet thing. 🙂 Jeff says he has lots of little projects for me to do, which is nice because I like little projects that help the company. Short term and all that.

Well anyways, I guess I should break. This weekend is JonJon’s b-day. We’ll see what that has in store.

Laters all.

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